Have you seen new photos of the lady with big bosom that broke the internet?

Have you seen the photos of Nigerian girl with extremely huge bosoms? Check out them right now and find out what men think about girls with big boobs in general.

girl with big breasts

The photos of the girl with huge bosoms broke the Internet! Nigerian girl posted a few photos of herself where you can see her extremely big breasts. And it became really popular. This girl apparently comes from Lagos.

You definitely need to check out the pictures of her. And nowadays big breasts became really desirable for women in Nigeria and other countries. But why do girls want to have big boobs so much?

Why do men find it so attractive? It is believed that huge breasts make the girl sexier. There are a lot of jokes on this topic and the reaction of males and females are usually really different.

It seems very funny for men but a lot of girls start to feel worse after they hear it. It happens because all these jokes and the media form the image of the ‘perfect’ girl.

The ideals change from time to time and right now people think that it looks gorgeous when a girl has big boobs and butt.

Obviously, the standards of beauty are absolutely senseless and they only harm the self-esteem of people. However, a lot of men still care about the appearance of their women.

That’s why girls are trying to look better. It’s actually a stereotype that the size of the breast is really important for man in a relationship – most of them don’t care about it at all.

However, this factor really draws the attention of others when they see a girl with big breasts. There were a lot of researches done.

One of them proves that women with bigger size get more attention from the opposite sex. This study was done by French researchers.

girl with big breasts

They made an experiment: asked several women with different breast sizes to seat alone in the cafes. And what they found out was that more men talked to those whose boobs were bigger.

At the meantime, only 5% of the men tried to start a conversation with the girl with small boobs. Another research was done in New Zealand. The technology of eye tracking was used in their experiment.

When the guys saw the women with various sizes the researchers spotted that most of them stared at the B or C sizes. Moreover, the men looked directly at the boobs and not at the girls’ faces.

That might be a negative side of it. A lot of men say that it’s hard to look in the eyes when they talk to women with extremely huge boobs.

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The history of bras is also very interesting. If back in the beginning of the 20th century there was only one function of the bras, later there appeared padded bras.

And they were made to make the breasts look bigger. By the end of 1940s there appeared a new type of bra – push up. It made the breasts of the girl seem one or two sizes bigger than they actually are.

Since then most of the girls had been wearing mostly padded bras.  

It doesn’t mean that men only love big boobs!

Even though the studies do show that the majority of men prefer the girls with big breasts it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s important to them in the relationship or sex life.

Actually, those girls might have more troubles finding the man they would want to spend their lives with. A lot of attention isn’t bad but do all these guys love them for themselves or just for the way they look like?

girl with big breasts

What is more, they have to face a lot of stereotypes and even deal with sexual harassment from time to time.

Meanwhile if the man is with the girl who has the smaller size it definitely means that he didn’t choose her just because of the way one of her body parts looks like.

The other important point is that a lot of girls with huge boobs are also overweight. However, there are exceptions. In general, it doesn’t really matter what size you have in order to be happy.

As for sexual life, guys think that the girls with bigger boobs have more skills. For some of them it’s absolutely true.

But it would be really incorrect to say that this rule applies to everyone – it depends on a person and their experience in bed.

A lot of people find this stereotype really annoying. Even though it is believed that the men only dream of big-breasted girls, it’s different for every person.

For instance, there are various types of pornography. And not every video has a girl with extremely huge size. The truth is that the most important thing about every person is their soul and not their appearance.

girl with big breasts

If you explore different cultures you will see that even in the ethnic tribes big boobs are not that highly appreciated. In fact, the most respected women are those who have medium size.

But in our modern society it shouldn’t be important at all. When we think about females the first thought in our head has to be about their personality and not about their body.

Back in the days...

Many centuries ago, when people still lived in caves, their gender roles were strictly divided between men and women. Even though people are free to choose what they want to do right now, some traditions are not changing.

Our ancestors apparently believed that only those women whose breasts were really big were able to feed their child. That’s why all art in the caves is represented by big women with huge hips and breasts.

Right now it is known that even though girl with any size is able to raise a child, the ones with bigger boobs usually have more milk.

However, nowadays there are a lot of alternatives so it’s possible for anyone to have a healthy child.

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