How to draw eyebrows?

Do you want to have gorgeous eyebrows? This article will help you learn how to do it! Read about the best ways to draw your eyebrows here!

draw eyebrows

Nowadays almost any girl who uses makeup tends to pay a lot of attention to her eyebrows. However, not everyone knows how to draw eyebrows correctly. It is very important that you don’t overdo it.

On the other hand, you should really care about how they look like so that you don’t make an impression of an untidy person. Eyebrows are the way to show your emotions and feelings.

They let our opponent know if we are sad, mad or happy. A lot of women draw eyebrows because they are not content with their outlook.

And it’s quite reasonable – there are different types of eyebrows and not all of them look aesthetically attractive. But there are definitely ways to fight this problem!

Asking yourself how to draw eyebrows step by step? There are three easy ways you can do it!

The Easy Way to Draw Eyebrows

First of all you have to get your skin ready for putting on makeup. In order to do that your skin should be absolutely clear and dry. Don’t put another layer of makeup if you already have some.

So first it’s always better if you remove the layer. After you do that, use the makeup primer. The purpose of it is to protect your skin and make it look more natural.

So that after you put on another layer it looks smooth. Moreover, it will make it last a lot longer. A lot of girls skip this step while doing their makeup but it’s a huge mistake.

draw eyebrows

It is very important because otherwise you might look a lot different without it in the end of the day. Your next step would be to put a little bit of foundation.

Sponge is the best way to do it but in case you don’t have any you can also use your fingers. Concealer will help you hide all the problem areas.

And the last step in preparing for drawing eyebrows is to put on some bronzer. If you have done everything described above, it’s time to move on to the next part.

The whole area of your eyebrows should be covered with the translucent powder. It will complement the concealer and foundation that you have put on earlier.

Moreover, it makes your skin dried. It’s very important because if your eyebrows are not dried the makeup certainly won’t last very long. The color of your eyebrows has to match your hair color.

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Therefore, if your hair is black – use the black eye shadow. It is also a good idea to mix it with brown. It will be the next step in drawing your eyebrows – put the base.

The reason why using only one color isn’t going to work very well is that it will look unnatural. But if you mix two colors it will most likely look close to the color of your hair.

So when your mix is ready put it on as a base. As for the brush, it has to be a small or medium one. If you take the bigger one your eyebrows will look untidy.

You have to remember that putting too much makeup will also look bad. Moreover, the eye shadow can’t be seen outside your real eyebrow shape. Otherwise it will look weird.

Of course you can try different ways to do it to see which one suits you the best.

draw eyebrows

If you have only big brushes, there is another option for you. Try the cotton swab. A good idea would also be to use a pencil too. If your hair is dark it means that the color of the pencil has to be dark too.

It’s always better if it’s the same color as the eye shadow. Don’t forget to sharpen it so that you can draw sharp lines. The lines you draw have to be small.

Don’t try to “circle” your eyebrows – they won’t look realistic. Sealant has to be put on top of your eyebrows. Don’t overdo it – a thin layer will be enough.

The purpose of the sealant is to keep the eyebrows safe from smearing for the whole day! However, it might make your eyebrows look too “shiny” so if you don’t like that, you can use the powder once again.

You can experiment with that as much as you want.

How to draw eyebrows for beginners

The shape of your eyebrows is very important. It goes along with its color. The bad shape can make your face look completely different. Not all eyebrow shapes suit everybody.

draw eyebrows

That’s why if you are not satisfied with your eyebrows you need to act! And acting means experimenting here! You can make them thicker or thinner – depends on how you want the result to look like.

Moreover, you can also change the shape by drawing! Some people would even compare drawing eyebrows with the real art! But remember – all of it has to look natural.

If your eyebrows are too light it will be a good idea to make them look a little bit darker. You will need the mix of eye shadow once again. If your hair isn’t dark, the brown will be enough.

Take the little brush and put the eye shadow on. Here is a useful tip – start from the end and finish on the part closest to your nose. The point is to make your eyebrows look thicker than they actually are.

Don’t forget that in case your skin and hair is pale, all your makeup has to be not really bright too. And if you have a darker complexion, the mixture of brown and black will suit you the best.

If your eye-brows are too thin or over-plucked

The only thing you can do here is waiting until the hairs grow back. Try not to pluck them anymore. Even if they look bad (which they probably do), try to be patient.

At the meantime you can always put a little bit of eye shadow with the brush or use the pencil to cover the over-plucked areas.

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