How to keep awake at work without drinking coffee?

Trying to stay awake and not fall asleep while working? Read the article and find out new ways how to stay awake at work.

Don't sleep

You spent the night in the club, or tired of crying of a newborn, or being checking out an urgent project and could not sleep? And now you're at work, your eyes are closing, and can’t work anymore and are falling asleep at work?

These are some scientifically proven ways to trick the body not to fall asleep in the process of preparing an important project and tips for staying awake at work:

  • Pranayama

Try breathing exercise – one of the important parts of yoga practice. It's called Kapalabhati, the main feature is the fact that you take a usual breath and then sharp one, accented exhalation. Repeat this about 10 times. Such unusual technique can make you feel warm, invigorate and influence the so-called circadian rhythms (sleep - wakefulness).

  • Chewing gum

Chewing gum will help you

Chew gum with menthol. Important in it - is not even the refreshing menthol, but chewing movements. So you are cheating the brain, which is activated, suggesting that now it will need to digest food. For this, he secretes insulin, which causes a feeling of cheerfulness.

  • Cool


Open the windows, let in fresh air, turn on the air conditioning or fan. Warm and stuffy spaces evoke the feeling of fatigue. The cold keeps the brain in stress and makes the body become more active in order to maintain a constant temperature required for proper operation of the organs. Thrill seekers may try to chew the ice – a few things in the world can invigorate you in such a strong way.

  • Physical Education

Jump, squat, press up a couple of times from the floor. Any exercise within the small interval can help you disperse blood. What’s more, it improves the flow of oxygen to the cells, this way more energy comes to the body. The best choice is a short walk. Studies show that a 15-minute walk can give you new power to the two hours of work.

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  • Washing

Rinse out your wrist with cold water. This technique allows you to cool the body quickly. It is also useful in the summer when it is very hot, or when you need to get rid of a headache caused by heat.

  • Hunger

Skip the meal. The body spends a lot of energy to digest it, so after a heavy meal there is a feeling of sluggishness and drowsiness. Light hunger invigorates.

  • Music

Listen to fast, annoying music at a low volume. Music causes strong emotional response that involves many areas of the brain. If possible, sing along with the singer, or at least shake your head up to the beat. Melodious and familiar music will not work. Look for something rhythmical, but unpleasant to the ear - it brings about more emotions. The sound should be so incomprehensible to be difficult to make out the lyrics. This will cause your brain to work, because it will "listen" and activate your attention.

Staying awake

  • Lighting

Turn on the bright light. The best thing, of course, to go out, but if the sun had set, the internal clock is still possible to cheat by turning on all the light in the house. The fact that the circadian rhythms of the body, among other things respond to illumination when light becomes dim, the body feels that it is time to sleep.

  • Massage

Massage at the top of the head, back of the neck, earlobes, the point between the thumb and index finger and the area behind the knees. These places help to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.

  • Aromatherapy

Apply the olfactory receptors. Strong smell - pleasant or disgusting - quickly leads to a state of combat readiness. Aromatherapy usually offers such oils to stimulate the nervous system: rosemary, eucalyptus, mint. If you haven’t got such oil with you, you can just repeatedly inhale the aroma of coffee beans.

  • Discomfort

Sit on a hard chair. Any slight discomfort is good when your task is not to fall asleep. If you work sitting in an armchair or in bed, you will be sleepy, because it is convenient.

  • Protein diet

Avoid it

Protein-rich food (nuts, eggs), as well as vegetables and fruits should be definitely eaten so as to stay awake at work. It is important to eat small meals once in every two to three hours. Avoid sugar, because it gives the opposite effect, taking away power. Drink plenty of water. When the body is dehydrated, the person feels tired and weak.

  • Trolling

Watch funny videos or argue with someone about politics. Any social activity (even participating in online discussions) causes excitement in the brain.

  • Recovery sleep

If you have time, have a coffee (or caffeine in any form) and go immediately to take a nap for 15-20 minutes. It quickly restores stamina. It will take approximately 20 minutes before the caffeine begins to work, so that now you won’t meet with the problem of falling asleep and will wake up much refreshed. 20 minute sleep helps to activate the right hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for receiving and storing information.

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