How to make goddess braids hairstyles?

If your hair is long you are really happy. Every day you can chose goddess braids different styles and look wonderful.

goddess braids

You may not be a talented hairdresser, but if you know how to make goddess braid, you will never have problems with your hair.

To improve your skills, just learn the new schemes of goddess braid style and you will get such a vast arsenal for all occasions, which you can only dream of.

The best way to learn is to look at the step-by-step braiding photos. Goddess braids design is varied and different. The fact is that the diagrams are not always clear. You can mix where to lay the particular strand, but the live pictures will give a full presentation about the details of the process and of the finished result.

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goddess braids

Braiding waterfall.

Start goddess braids with oblique parting. From the bigger side pick up three strands and start working. Twist them, as in ordinary weaving, but a strand at the bottom is left behind. Now the lower third, we will recruit from the following strands (in the direction of motion). And the upper slightly expanded, taking hair as it goes.

The scheme is simple: take a new strand from the bottom, shift to center, take the middle strand and twist from the bottom, take the top strand, slightly increase due to the new hair, and pass through the lower and middle down.

The base of the waterfall is a braid going around the head, and the main detail is the free flowing strands, which pass through the crown of the hair. Fix the hair, often with pins or counter-netting (from the opposite temple), however, there are other options, which can be used.

goddess braids

French braid along the temple.

Goddess braids different styles include a French braid. All the lessons of braiding always include this circuit. The fact is that it is very simple and extremely useful when you need quick, beautiful and neat hairdo.

goddess braids

If you are missing the romantic image, perhaps, you will like this option. Braiding French goddess braids along the temple starts with dividing. In contrast to the usual scheme of weaving add hair to the center strand not from each side alternately, but only from the one. The result is the strict smooth braid.

Twist the braid behind the ear and there fix with pins. The thinner the strands, the more refined looks the design.

goddess braids

French braid with the knot.

On the French goddess braids, basis you can make a more elaborate version of the hairstyle. It is perfect for a romantic date or prom. However, you will have to exert a little more effort. So, we will need the wax and hair lacquer, as well as the six pins of different sizes.

Before you begin braiding, apply a wax to the strands, massaging the roots well. This will give the necessary texture. Now put hair back and begin to weave a French braid on one side. Stop at the nape and secure the braid with  pins. Repeat for the second side. Slightly necessity loose strands. Now twist them into a bundle and secure with a hairpin. Wrap the harness in a clockwise direction and tuck the end inside. So you get a node.

Make sure that the pins are not visible and fix the whole construction with lacquer.

goddess braids

Goddess Braid "fish tail."

Pull your hair back. Now, take one strand from right to left, and put the right strand on the left. Then take the new strand on the left side and put on the old right. Continue the same steps. Such a braid is very comfortable and pretty.

goddess braid

Four instead of three.

One more goddess braiding technique involves the use of four working strands instead of two or three. To make it convenient to operate, hold each hand in two strands. First cross the first and second and third and fourth. Then cross the strands that were at the center of the composition. Repeat step 1 and step 2 along the entire length of hair. Thanks to its thick texture, this option is usually used when planning weaving braid with ribbon for a wedding or other celebration.

goddess braids

It all depends on your imagination. Each goddess braid style in your hands can become marvelous composition.

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