How to make lip balm yourself?

Do you know all homemade lip balm benefits? It is easy to make and pleasant to use. Read the article to be sure you need it.

homemade lip balm

The skin of our lips is delicate and sensitive, so it often suffers from aggressive weather conditions. Lips can start being dry and crack in the cold and wind in winter and from the sun or street dust in summer. Today's article is about how to make lip balm — recipes, tips, and subtleties of usage.

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Homemade lip balm benefits

Every girl keeps in her purse some hygienic lipsticks, but often we are dissatisfied with the results of their application. Usually, the composition of purchased assets includes synthetic paraffin. But is more economical to replace paraffin into natural wax and oils.

What's the importance of this lipstick? Moisturizing and nourishing the lips, it creates a surface film, which in most cases disappears within hours. Besides lipstick from the store, as well as any "streaming" cosmetic product causes a gradual habituation.

To avoid these problems and start to hydrate and nourish lips, you can make a homemade lip balm from natural ingredients. It's completely natural, not addictive and will moisturize the lips throughout the whole day.

lip balm

How to make a homemade lip balm

Many fear that the homemade lip balm is making is the too troublesome thing. I hasten to please you — the nutrient medium is prepared simply and quickly and requires no special ingredients. Homemade lip balm containers can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

Remember that before you try out any recipe of homemade lip balm, you need to make a simple test for the presence of allergy to its components. To do this, drip a little oil on the inner bend of the elbow and see what will happen with this area of skin during the day.

If the application does not cause an allergic rash, swelling or itching, you can safely use this component. It is also recommended to test each component separately so that, if there is an allergic reaction, to know what caused it.

lip balm homemade

Homemade lip balm with coconut oil

The first lip balm which recipe we reveal, includes coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. We will need 25 g of wax (you can use any, but it is better to use natural bee's), 15 g of solid coconut oil, 25 g of solid shea butter, 30 g sweet almond oil (liquid oil), 15 g of vitamin E and a drop of tea tree oil.

Melt the wax on a steam bath until it becomes soft.

Add coconut oil, stir well until dissolved and then add the shea butter.

Brew lip balm on a steam bath until the hard oils completely dissolve in the wax, then pour the liquid almond oil.

Stir and immediately remove the mixture from the steam bath.

Continuing to stir, a little cool the resulting mass and pour in the vitamin E.

Keep stirring the mixture until it is completely cool. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid unpleasant lumps.

Then, in barely warm balm apply a little bit of essential oil of tea tree (it has antiseptic properties and will impart a pleasant flavor) and mix again.

homemade lip balm

Homemade lip balm with honey and lemon

The following healthy recipe — refreshing "winter" lip balm with honey and lemon. For its preparation, we will need 25 g of beeswax, 15 grams avocado oil, essential oil of lemon and a little honey.

Melt the wax and pour in a liquid avocado oil. Stir the mixture for several minutes.

Remove the mass from the water bath and add natural honey.

Drop into the mixture a little lemon oil, and put to chill in a cold place.

homemade lip balm

Homemade lip balm with cinnamon and chocolate

How to make lip balm not only useful but also "delicious"? The answer is simple — add a bit of chocolate! To make a useful balm with cinnamon and chocolate, you'll need some vaseline, bitter chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa) unflavored and cinnamon powder.

Melt a couple of vaseline tablespoons in a water bath.

While it is heating, grate on a fine grater chocolate.

Add the chocolate to the melted vaseline and wait until it is completely dissolved.

Then sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon powder.

Remove the mixture from the water bath and again mix well.

Pour the resulting product into suitable small jars.

Leave them in a cool place for several hours, the mass has completely cooled down and has thickened.

If the substance first time is too soft or too hard — no problem! Balm can always be melted down, "Digest" for the second time, adding more solid wax (if need to thicken) or liquid oils (on the contrary, to give more softness).

home made lip balm

Homemade lip balm color

To add bright colors to the balm, you can use natural dyes — bright berries (e.g., strawberries, cranberries, raspberries), sea buckthorn oil (it gives a nice orange tint), or food dyes.

If you decide to paint the balm with sea buckthorn oil, a few drops will be enough. Otherwise, the result is a bright orange shade.

To make the homemade balm with red berries, it is enough to slightly cook the sliced products in one of the liquid oils that you plan to use. Once the oil gets the desired shade, carefully remove the berries with a fork, and strain.

Homemade lip balm storage

Ready and cooled lip balm can be poured into a special container for lipstick or in a small jar. Don't leave it under the hot sun or in another warm place, as it can quickly melt and "flow." Homemade lip balm, with proper storage in a cool place, will last for a long time — from six months to a year.

The homemade balm is recommended to use regularly, evenly lubricating clean, dry lips during the day and evening.

As you can see, the recipes for homemade lip balms is easy to create. And the result is natural moisturizing. Your lips will look terrific.

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