How to use our body language to become more attractive?

People are constantly throwing off a storm of signals. These signals may be silent (non-verbal) messages communicated through the sender's body movements, facial expressions, voice tone and loudness. Body language is under discussion today.

body language

Using body language is very important during a conversation with a stranger. It helps you to show your interest, your attention and even your attitude to the interlocutor. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to use it in a proper way. In this article we are ready to tell you the most common body language attractions.

As you know, our voice and words convey only about 40% of the information. Our facial expressions, gestures, posture and other nonverbal means of communication help to tell the rest. In most cases, we use them unconsciously and arbitrarily. However, once you subdued your body language, you can significantly improve communication skills and achieve important goals. It is important to know body language definition.

Regardless of what situation you are in, your speech can be interpreted in different ways and sometimes not as you would like. It is, therefore, necessary to study the basic nuances of body language to convey information more precisely, clarity and even to influence the interlocutor. Observe the people you consider most successful: how they behave during a conversation, what gestures, facial expressions do they use? But you shouldn't fully assimilate their body language – be unique in the way you behave.

The best way to practice it will be a regular workout in front of the mirror. Observe how you stand, sit, use your legs and arms during a conversation. Your reflection will clearly show your weaknesses in verbal behavior. Of course, all the subtleties of using nonverbal communication is difficult to list. Let's consider just some of the most simple, but effective ones. How to read body language? Find the answer here.

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body language

Eye to eye

During a conversation try to establish eye contact with your interlocutor. If you are talking with several people, look into eyes of each of them for 2-3 seconds. Avoiding eye contact, you cause distrust from the side of the interlocutors. But to it doesn't worth overdoing: too long eye contact causes a mixed reaction in person, and you do not even guess it does. If you're too shy to make eye contact with the interlocutor, it will be very difficult. Be more confident and train more in front of the mirror or with an already acquainted person.

body language

The position of the arms, shoulders and legs

When speaking, never try to cross your arms and legs. This is a defensive stance that shuts you from your interlocutor. Also, pay special attention to the position of your shoulders. If you are nervous, they will be strained. Try to relax them, shake and move them back and down a bit.

The pose of the head

If you want to feel confident and to earn serious attitude of the interlocutor, always keep your head straight. If you need to show your goodwill, then nod, showing that you listen carefully to him. But you don't have to shake your head every minute.

body language

The position of the lips

The position of the lips will tell about yourself a lot, even if you are silent. For example, tense corners of your mouth downward will instantly display your disagreement or angry emotions. People will probably notice it and decide that you do not want to communicate with them.

Correct posture

Learn how to sit straight but in a comfortable position. Do not get too low to your partner, trying to show your interest. If you want to look confident, then lean back a little.

Personal space

Don't be afraid during the conversation to capture some personal space for yourself. It is enough just to put the legs slightly apart. No matter you are standing or sitting. This position will tell your interlocutor about your confidence and sense of comfort near himself.

body language

Laughing and smiling

It is not necessary to be too serious constantly. Relax and enjoy communication. If the person says something funny, don't be afraid to smile and even to laugh. If you show your positive attitude, people will be much nicer to communicate with you. But note that the smile has to be sincere and to the point.

Do not move yourself

Make sure that you don't fidget and make nervous movements (tapping fingers on the table, not a foot twitch, not changing the position of the feet or hands) during a conversation. It distracts the interlocutors. Try to calm down, take a deep breath and exhale. Emotional control, lack of nervousness - these are the most important steps to understanding body language.

body language

Do not touch your face

Many people have a very nasty habit of touching their face during a conversation. Again, it shows extreme excitement, nervousness and in general looks unattractive.

Use hands, but don't overuse

Learn how to use your hands. Instead of scratching your nose or tapping fingers on the table, learn the proper gestures that complement your speech and help to convey to the recipient your ideas and thoughts. But it is not necessary to gesticulate too much - it's distracting and even off-putting.

Properly hold the glass

If you are in a restaurant during a conversation with someone, it is not necessary to turn a wine glass in your hand regularly. It is a clear sign of insecurity. Put it on the table and from time to time sip your drink from a glass.

body language

Don't stand too close or too far

Pay close attention to how far away from the person you are now. If you sit or stand too close, thereby you are violating his personal space and make him feel awkward. If you're going to be far, then people will think you are too reserved and not interested in the conversation. The optimal distance for a conversation with strangers – 1-1,5 m or your outstretched arm.

Keep a positive attitude

If you feel confident and positive, your mood is automatically transferred to the interlocutors. That is why properly prepare yourself before the conversation, then most likely the outcome of the conversation will be in your favor.

Be patient and learn the body language, reinforcing the knowledge in practice all the time. Most likely, it will take a lot of effort and patience, but eventually, your efforts will be rewarded and to achieve goals will be easier.

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