Hurricane Matthew: What are the consequences for Haiti?

Hurricane Matthew latest news. What did it do in Haiti? Where is going now? Brief characteristics and the latest news and photos are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

Hurricane Matthew on beach

Hurricane Matthew has fallen on the island of Haiti. According to local authorities, ‘the situation is catastrophic’: the number of victims has reached 478 people, and among the consequences of hurricane is a cholera epidemic. In the meantime, America and Cuba, where the storm should come after Haiti, preparing for the worst: the coastal states are beginning to evacuate residents, and are building a shelter from the storm in Cuba.

Hurricane Matthew Haiti

Hurricane Matthew map

The number of victims of ‘Matthew’ hurricane in Haiti has risen to 478 people. Reuters reported that citing local authorities and emergency services. According to the president of the country Zhoselerma Priver, the situation is really catastrophic.

As it was previously reported by the local Haiti authorities, Hurricane with wind speeds at the epicenter about 230 km / h came to country, demolishing houses, uprooting trees, flooding roads and villages. The south-west of the country suffered the most, as it was cut off from the outside world.

Hurricane Matthew Haiti

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In the department of Grand Anse, which was destroyed by the disaster the most, have more than 21 thousand people, who are forced to seek temporary shelter in hostels due to the destruction of their homes. Civil Aviation Authorities have reported that 3,214 homes are destroyed in the south.

People walk on a street next to destroyed houses after Hurricane Matthews. The situation is complicated by the fact that, in connection with the accident, doctors expect the outbreak of cholera. This is reported by experts of the Pan American Health Organization, who also said that the disaster, which is called Matthew hurricane in Haiti, is the ‘worst crisis’ after the earthquake in 2010.

Atlantic Hurricane Matthew

According to doctors, when six years ago after the earthquake 200 thousand people died in Haiti, it created not less than 9 thousand victims of cholera. This was due to the unsanitary conditions, the destruction of water infrastructure, as well as the lack of skilled medical care. Since 2010, the situation in Haiti has not improved radically, and now, after the invasion of the hurricane ‘Matthew’, the situation has again become catastrophic.

In Haiti over the past six years 970 thousand cases of cholera was recorded, including 27 thousand this year.On October 6 UN General Secretary - Ban Gi Moon said that the disaster zone in Haiti ‘cover’ at least 350 thousand people, who urgently need humanitarian assistance.

Haiti hurricane

UN heeded the call for several countries. Canada will send a rescue team to Haiti and provide this and other countries in the region, which is affected by the Hurricane, 3 million Canadian dollars ($ 2.3 million) for the provision of necessary assistance, said the head of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stephan Dion.

‘Canada deeply regrets the loss of people in Haiti because of Matthew Hurricane and is committed to provide the necessary assistance to the victims’, - quoted the head of TASS Canadian Foreign Ministry.

Germany will also allocate € 600 000 to help Haiti to overcome the consequences of the hurricane. This was announced by German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer.

‘The Haitian government has asked the international community for support, - he said. - Foreign Minister Steinmeier yesterday took the decision to allocate € 600 000 to help them’.

hurricane in Haiti

Meanwhile, in Cuba, the US authorities decided to evacuate the prison personnel at Guantanamo. The temporary homes in Cuba were given to more than 300 thousand people. US President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in the south-eastern states of Florida and South Carolina. Against the background of an approaching storm more than 1.5 thousand American Airlines flights, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines were canceled or postponed. In Miami the airport canceled about 90% of scheduled flights. Residents bought food and basic necessities, at petrol stations you can see the long queues for petrol. Closed parks, schools and universities do not operate.

destroyed homes in Haiti

In Florida, for the first time in a decade Disney World park is closed. In the Atlantic hurricane season typically lasts six months - from June 1 to November 30. Atmospheric phenomenon is classified as a tropical storm and gets a name of its own, if the wind speed reaches its epicenter 63 km / h. When the wind speed reaches 118 km / h - a storm becomes a hurricane. This a brief hurricane definition. The last hurricane of the fourth category of power took place in Haiti in 1963. It killed about 8 thousand people.

hurricane disaster

In 2010, the island of Haiti experienced one of the biggest disasters in the last century. Then, as a result of a powerful earthquake, thousands of homes and almost all hospitals were destroyed. About 3 million people were without the shelter. There were also destroyed: National Palace, the Ministry of Finance building, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Communication and Culture and the cathedral.

According to official data, on 18 March 2010 the number of victims amounted to 222 570 people, injured - 311 thousand people missing -  869 people. The material was estimated at € 5,6 bln.

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