Is 6-year sentence enough for murderer?

Do you agree with the judge's decision to give only 6 years for a murder of girlfriend? Find out what the other Nigerians think about Oscar Pistorius's trial!

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South Africa is shocked by the latest news. It turned out that Oscar Pistorius who is guilty of murder of his girlfriend got only six years of imprisonment.

No one expected his term to be so short because usually people get at least 15 years of sentence for committing a crime like this. The public expresses dissatisfaction with this murder trial.

They say that it doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, he still killed a living person and deserves a severe punishment. It would be fair and it would be a warning for those who are also thinking of murder.

The social networks are full with the posts about the injustice that occurred during the trial. The Internet users are absolutely not agreeing with the decision of the judge.

They find it unfair that the crimes like selling drugs or being a prostitute have to be punished in a more serious way.

That’s why some people say that maybe Pistorius paid the judge or ,what is worse, is being treated like that just because of his skin color.

They say that there is a chance that a black person would get a longer sentence for the same kind of crime.

Another issue that the Internet users found important is the women’s rights in Africa. Some activists were protesting against the judge’s decision to have a murderer sentenced only for 6 years.

They say that no one pays attention to what the girl actually felt and how vulnerable she was.

oscar pictorius

The girl who posted it is named Pearl Boshomane with a nickname @Pearlulla on Twitter. You can find her and read more of her thoughts about it. She said:

“Women's lives are worth absolutely nothing. Our rapists don't go to jail. Our murderers barely get punished”.

However, not everyone disagrees with the decision of the judge. There is also the opposite opinion. Those people say that it’s not up to the ordinary people to decide how long the murderer has to spend in prison.

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Moreover, they also try to remind the others that he has already spent one year in prison. And if the murder was not intentional there is no need in such a severe punishment.

Oscar Pistorius is 29 right now. He had a disease called fibula bones which made him handicapped till the rest of his life.

However, he didn’t give up and became a professional athlete who has won a lot of awards and even completed the Olympic Games.

There was a competition with the ordinary athletes and even though he was handicapped he has proven himself as a great professional and also won the awards.

He was really famous and loved by everyone until this very case with the murder of his girlfriend.

oscar pictorius

He is saying that the reason he killed her was because he thought there was a thief who got into their house. He was scared so he took the gun and shot four times through the bathroom door.

Obviously he didn’t look who that actually was before he killed her. At first he was sentenced to five years but then after the second hearing the situation changed.

They named him a real murderer and gave him 6 years instead.

The judge had to take a difficult decision how many years was better for him to spend in jail. There was a suggestion to make it 15 years but he found it too much taking into consideration that Pistorius didn’t mean to kill his girlfriend.

Moreover, he mentioned that if he did that, it wouldn’t have brought her back to her family. Nothing would. Some people don’t believe he didn’t do it on purpose.

However, the others say that even if he is an Olympic champion it doesn’t mean that he is violent, cruel and capable of doing such horrible things. That’s what the public has to believe.

The parents of the poor dead girl were also present at the hearing. They cried the entire time and said that there was no chance they would ever forgive him for what he did. He killed the most precious thing in their lives.

They didn’t express any suggestions about the term of his sentence. They didn’t feel like they had to decide anything about that as they trusted the judge. But they were sure that he had to pay for this murder.

During the murder hearing a lot of people couldn’t stop weeping. Everyone was mourning. Even though the tragedy happened about 3 years ago, you could also the pain on Pistorius’s face too.

oscar pictorius

The dad of the killed girl asked for the pictures of the corps so that everyone can see how badly she suffered.

Her mother was also terrified by what happened. She shared with the reporters that she couldn’t sleep at night thinking what pain she experienced. She died so young and it is what makes the situation even more drastic.

Her mom said that even the words of compassion would also never heal her wounds.

The psychologists reported that the former athlete was having a severe form of depression which would get in the way of him getting through imprisonment.

His personal doctor was really concerned about him before the hearing. She suggested cancelling or rescheduling it as his emotional condition wouldn’t do any good for anyone.

She thought he was not ready yet but there was nothing the judge could do.

The psychologist also reports that now her patient is scared of arms. Any time he sees or even thinks about guns he gets anxious. She thinks that he is saying the truth about being unintentional.

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