Is homosexuality genetic?

Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. A homosexual person is romantically or sexually attracted to people of their own gender. Men who are romantically or sexually attracted to other men are not ill, they are born to be another.

genetics of homosexuality

Recent researches and studies of American scientists hammer a new nail in the coffin of the idea that a same-sex relationship is an individual choice of people. The world is not totally tolerant to people of, so called, another sexual orientation. The research work is as follows.

American scientists proved that homosexuality is genetically approved.  They stated that homosexuality is genetic.

An extensive study conducted by scientists in the USA proved that sexual orientation is in our genes and is not a person's choice.

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Homosexuality genetic factors

The DNA of 409 pairs of homosexual individuals allowed the scientists to obtain necessary confirmation of the hypothesis. According to the facts, homosexuality is an inherent feature of a person. Homosexuality is genetic.

The authors of the work published in the journal “Psychological Medicine,” linked sexual orientation in men with the configuration of the two regions of the human genome: the eighth chromosome and the X chromosome. Chromosome X, which became the subject of research, was discovered by Dean Hamer, the National Institutes of health, the USA in 1993. Another region, located in the center of the eighth chromosome, found an international group of scientists in 2005.

gene of homosexuality

For five years the head of the research group and his colleagues collected blood and saliva from 409 pairs of homosexual couples who are not identical twins, from 384 families. A large part of the subjects lived in the United States (98,2%). The study also involved the Canadians (1.6%) and British (0.2 per cent). Scientists specially selected relatives, because, according to polls, members of families in which there were homosexual relations, are much more likely to define themselves as homosexuals, unlike families, whose members were all heterosexuals.


Is homosexuality genetic or not?

Scientists searched for the DNA of subjects single nucleotide polymorphism, the differences of the sequence the size of one nucleotide (letter) in the genome. Then they found out what features are present in the DNA of volunteers on the DNA of heterosexual people. Because the patients were not identical twins, their genomes differed from each other, and they were often little alike. Thus, the researchers took for granted that a particular repeat region of the DNA will be responsible for sexual orientation.

The authors identified only five available cases single-nucleotide polymorphisms, all of which were in regions of the genome Xq28 and 8q12 (the X chromosome and the eighth chromosome). Not necessary, however, to assume that scientists have already found some “genes for homosexuality.” In both regions, many of the genes and the next step will be determining which of them affect sexual orientation.

The group of scientists stressed that despite the possible discovery of a "gay gene," the formation of such complex traits like sexual orientation depends on many factors.


Homosexuality genetic basis

Whatever the results of this study, the researchers emphasize that such a complex behavior as sexual orientation depends on many factors, both external and genetic. Even the detection of particular genes will not have that too much importance — as, for example, in studies investigating the mental abilities of the person.

Other scientists who study sexual orientation, reacted enthusiastically to the latest news. In the words of the neuroscientist Simon Left, who claimed that a particular part of the brain near hypothalamus differs homosexuals from heterosexuals. According to him, “Twenty years is a long time, but now it is clear that the original results were correct”.


A possible mechanism of transfer of homosexuality gene was described by William Rice, University of California, Santa Barbara. And mathematically it was proved in reality in the National Institute for mathematical and biological synthesis at Chinesischem University, USA Sergey garrets. According to the theory, the children can get from parents of the opposite sex-specific epigenetic “markers” that determine the further orientation of their sexual desire.

In many countries, the beginning of homosexual relations is still punishable and even taken into court. Some religious groups and psychologists still believe that this feature of human behavior is a mental disorder, and it can be treated.

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