New Niger Delta Avengers' attack: Many killed in Lagos state

Have you heard of another terrorist attack by Niger Delta Avengers? Read this article to find out the reasons why Lagos has suffered so badly on 26 July.

Niger Delta Avengers

The Nigerian community has badly suffered after the Lagos attacks yesterday (26 July 2016). Niger Delta Avengers have committed violent killing of the innocent people once again.

According to the media and interviews with the victims, the militants broke into their houses, robbed and killed some of the people living there.

The population in the Niger Delta region is terrified by the actions of the Nigerian terrorist group. Moreover, it was not only the residents who got injured. The armed NDA members attacked the police officers too.

There was a gun battle between them and a lot of people were wounded and left dead. According to the several sources, the city wasn’t prepared to this Niger Delta Avengers attack.

That’s why the policemen had problems dealing with the terrorists. What is more, there are reasons to believe that the two groups of militants were also fighting with each other at the same time.

That might actually be the explanation why they did it.

Some reports state that there was more to it. According to the sources, there has been a really important deal made recently in the area of Ikorodu.

But one of the Niger Delta Avengers members took the money and escaped. However, later he was tracked and the militants were chasing him and that’s how the gun battle started.

The attacks of the terrorist organization have begun right after Oba Yushau Oseni was kidnapped. The militants were hoping that it would make the government think about their actions towards them.

Moreover, they also demanded quite a huge amount of money to return the monarch back. The media states that the authorities were not willing to pay which led to the brutal killings.

They thought that N500 million is still too much to ask.

Niger Delta Avengers

So after they couldn’t get what they wanted they decided to get it by force. The leader of the militant group was killed during the gun battle together with one of the police officers.

The police don’t share too many comments about it but they don’t deny the critical state of affairs in Lagos right now. The details of the policeman’s murder are not yet revealed.

It will take more time to find out how the shooting actually took place and who the guilty one was.

The official representatives have been trying to stop the Niger Delta conflict for a really long time. However, it’s awfully difficult to negotiate with the terrorists.

The members of the terrorist organization are not willing to compromise. They made it quite obvious that they are not going to give up until the government follows their instructions.

That’s why the authorities decided to act in the other way. They are planning to invade the region and try to stop all the terror that the group is responsible for.

The attacks on the oil companies have to be stopped immediately. Otherwise, Nigeria’s economy will go through the “Great Depression”.

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What is more, the terrorists must stop killing the innocent people in the area.

The government has been quite patient with the actions of the Niger Delta Avengers until recently.

The drop down in the oil prices and the problems with oil industry are making it impossible for the country to have at least a little bit of stability. That’s why there was a special meeting held about a week ago.

There were the members of the House of Representatives, the most influential businessmen and others who discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that it’s necessary to provide the security of the regions where the oil and gas factories are situated.

Otherwise Nigeria will lose the main source of its income forever.

Niger Delta Avengers

Moreover, the Nigerian national debt is only increasing. It means that most of the residents are most likely to die before the country is able to hope at least for some economic changes to happen.

The group of the government representatives seem to have figured out the way how to overcome the issue but they admit that it’s not going to be easy.

The main reason for that is that the country is not quite able to provide the security of the businesses right now. Moreover, no one knows if it’s going to be possible any time soon.

The authorities are trying to calm people down. One of the representatives says that they will still create new plans to change the state of affairs.

They will send more military forces in attempt to prevent the catastrophe that is about to happen.

It seems like they haven’t done anything serious like that before because they were scared for the lives of the innocent people.

Niger Delta Avengers

They don’t want the real war to start.

However, the situation is so scary right now that there is no other way to solve the problem other than invading the region and trying to stop the actions of the most famous Nigerian terrorist organization.

At first the militants agreed to contact the government but right now they don’t do it anymore. They are saying that they are the only ones who can make conditions.

The government of Nigeria is still promising people to have a chance for peaceful life. They say that they are aware of the problems and they are doing everything to solve it.

They won’t stop until it is completely safe in the country and in the Niger Delta region too. However, it will certainly take time before we are able to say that all the conflicts are over.

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