Nigerian navy: has it provided help in IDPs camp in Maiduguri?

What is Nigerian Navy doing in Borno state capital? They help people in IDP camp. What they have done for this woman is amazing.

Internally displaced persons or IPDs is a huge social and economic problem in Nigeria. In most cases it is also a medical and health care problem, too. That is why Nigerian Navy (NN) is over at Maiduguri to help people, provide food, medicine they need and assistance.

Nigerian navy

What is Nigerian navy up to in Borno state?

The capital city Maiduguri has 22 official IDP camps on its territory. NN forces arrived to one of them to carry out an operation called Medical Rhapsody. They are there to provide health care services, to give away food and drugs people need to survive.

One of the survivors’ story won’t leave you indifferent. A mother of 4 kids Falmata Mustapha suffers from diabetes. This deadly disease can leave the children orphans, unless it is treated with drugs or proper diet. Neither was available to the woman in IDP camp. Now with the help of Nigerian Navy she is able to obtain food and treatment she needs for her condition.

People suffering from HIV, malaria and other deadly diseases are also able to obtain information and medicine from the Navy folks. They provide trainings and seminars for your IDPs to spark up ambition and desire for better and more meaningful life.

 IDPs camp in Maiduguri?

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Nigerian Navy acts as a Good Samaritan in Borno state. If all people in Nigeria show love and kindness to those in need social problems would be conquered.

What is Nigerian Navy doing in Borno state capital? They  help people in IDP camp. What they have done for this woman is amazing.


You should always do good to people who need it, and this can not be surprised, because there are many good people in the world. If people need help, they need to give it, because no one knows what lies ahead, perhaps when these same people are in something and help us. After all, the good always comes back, even if not from the people, but still it is. But still need to pay attention and look at the people that would not have been such that they have the Millions, and they still help wherever else they can than help. So it is always necessary to do good, because it vozvraschzaetsya.

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