Olympics 2016 officials order 450,000 condoms, what for?

Why 450 000 condoms were ordered to Rio? How much sex will go into place? Find out horny news here!

Olympics condoms

Olympics 2016 in Rio are at full blast. It is not surprising that a lot of sex is taking place there. There are a lot of really good-looking people – soccer studs, gorgeous locals, divers and tourists looking for a good time. 

How much sex will go into place?

So there one obvious question: How much sex will go into place? In other words, how many condoms it is necessary to provide all people who will have sex. According to estimations, this amount equals to 450 000 condoms. So there are about ten thousands of athletes, camera people and media. Basically, if they give condoms each athlete, basketball, and rugby player, everybody will get about 45 rubbers. Of course, not everyone will have sex.  IOC telling: "If you're going to do it that much, do it safely.”

Olympics condoms colorful

There's a chance that there is more sex going on in Rio over these two weeks than in any other place on the planet. The Olympics might be the capital of doing it.

That number had grown significantly over the years, especially after the great Sydney rubber shortage of 20,000 when 70,000 condoms were ordered, but another 20,000 reserves were necessary midway through.

Olympics condoms making

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There are people who are going to the games, handing out rubbers and wishing everybody a pleasant evening. 

guy who gives rubbers

People get horny in the Olympics. They see a lot of people with perfect bodies. Additional aphrodisiacs are the ecstasy of winning and the agony of defeat.

Probably we will never learn how much sex takes place during the games exactly, but just taking into consideration the number of condoms which was ordered is impressive.

Olympics condoms for sex

Watch the video get to know the latest news in Olympics.

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