One of Niger Delta Avengers' leaders is cought by Nigerian military

The Army finally caught a leader of the terrorist organization! Read more about why and how it happened.

niger delta avengers

The most recent Niger Delta Avengers news has been quite shocking. The government of Nigeria has been looking for the terrorist members of this organization for a while and now it seems that they finally have something to show us.

Niger Delta Avengers’ latest attack was the bombing of the other Nigerian oil factory. It terrified all the country and it keeps on scaring the population.

That’s why the president had no other choice than to order the troops to search for the members in order to stop all the terror going on in our country.

Niger Delta Avengers and Nigerian Military have a huge tension right now as the troops actually became active. After one of the attacks on the terrorist organization, the media informed that there were some people found.

Later it was clear that except for the members there was an actual leader between them too. It made the government really happy as they got more chances to solve the problem as they have an actual controller of the terrorists with them.

The Army came soon enough – right after the bombing started. That’s the reason why the Niger Delta Avengers’ leader was fast found and arrested.

However, not all the people that were found there say that they really are a part of the group. The government is still checking their data. Anyway, their guilt is quite obvious.

The Nigerian Military is still moving on with a purpose of catching all the terrorists. They are not planning on giving up.

niger delta avengers

Niger Delta Avengers Crimes

The horrible actions of the terrorist organization decreased the amount of goods produced in Nigeria and generally lowered the Nigerian economy, which is terrible news for the country.

Right now all the oil industry is getting through a severe crisis as a lot of the factories are simply not producing anything anymore. The resources are also ending.

That’s why the economical future of our country is very questionable. It might take a very long time to recover. Moreover, we can’t be sure that the terrorist attacks are going to be done any soon.

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Their purpose is obviously to ruin every industry Nigeria has been fighting for. The most of the production already stopped which means we can’t export as many goods and substances as we used to before.

Niger Delta Avengers did everything they could in order to make it happen.

Nigeria has been one of the most important exporters of oil and other goods in the world. The monthly production normally amounted to about 2 million barrels, which now is a lot less.

If it goes further, the country is literally going to have a global economic crisis. That’s why it’s not going to only influence Nigeria; the whole world would feel it.

Who are the supporters of the terrorists?

niger delta avengers

Some members of the government often got blamed for supporting the Niger Delta Avengers. However, it doesn’t mean that the rumours are always true.

But, for example, Tompolo might be really helping all those people to shut down all the businesses in the country. It is very scary but the government is doing anything that is possible in order to prevent the catastrophe.

All we know now is that the group is not going to stop itself as they have a definite purpose that they are trying to fulfil. The only thing we should do is really stop them before the consequences get too bad.

As for the terrorists’ sponsor, there is no information about his location right now.

Apparently, as soon as the truth became obvious to everyone, the only thing he could think of in order to save himself was to actually just escape. He was going to be arrested but it never happened as the police is still looking for him.

niger delta avengers

First, there was no guarantee that Tompolo was really connected with the Niger Delta Avengers. But a few days ago it became obvious and it was officially declared.

That’s why it is very important to find him as soon as possible and to try to get all the information of the location of the others.

The very important problem with someone in the government being a secret agent for the enemy is that the information is always wrong.

Maybe that’s the reason why finding the leaders and the other members was going so slow. However, now we know the truth and it’s going to be very helpful.

The positive side is that they can’t actually attract people to their organization unless forcing them.

All they are trying to do is to draw attention to themselves by using the violence and telling everyone about it through the media. However, the only reaction they get is fear of the population and, of course, the hatred. 

People only think that they are crazy and that the only thing they do is destroying everything that brings them income. That’s why their agent is going to be hated really badly too.

There is no guarantee that there are no corrupted politicians in the Nigerian government. However, the things are getting better now. The leader is caught and the name of their sponsor is also known to everyone.

We can only hope that all the criminals will be soon found so that we can live safe again.

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