Pastor is jailed for having sex with local teenage girls

The pastor who was blamed of having sex with several teenage girls was arrested. Find out what happened to the girls and why they agreed to it.

pastor raped several girls

Last week Nigerian public was shocked by the horrible events that no one could believe could actually happen. A pastor named Chukwuma Nkwocha turned out to be a rapist!

According to the reliable sources, he raped a few minor girls in his apartment. It’s hard to believe but all of them were younger than 18 and the pastor himself still denies that he has done anything to them even after the arrest.

The only excuse that he uses is that he wanted to help them and that’s why he let them stay in the apartment. He said they had some problems with their parents and didn’t know where else to go.

The police asked why the pastor didn’t take the girls back home but he didn’t know what to answer. The only thing Chukwuma keeps on saying is that he only wanted to help and he cared about them.

Moreover, the rapist states that the parents knew everything about it. However, it’s not believable. It is believed that the pastor raped several girls and lied about it.

But the interesting thing is that he still admits his intercourse with one of the girls whose name was asked not to be mentioned.

He doesn’t deny it and even says that she was actually his girlfriend and they were planning on getting married. Can you believe it?!

The teenage girl he is talking about was 16 years old so it makes the age difference really huge. This is one of the reasons no one can believe in his words and the police eventually arrested the pastor.

pastor raped several girls

According to the Commissioner of Police, Nkwocha had planned all of it thoroughly before he started acting. It’s true that the pastor didn’t force the girls to stay physically. However, he did a lot of tricks to make them stay.

For instance, the expensive presents, delicious food and promises to change their lives were the clue that made them believe him and stick up to him. During the stay in his apartment few of the girls got pregnant.

And that’s not what the rapist wanted so he took them to the hospital to make abortions. Even though at first he denied that it was him who made them pregnant, later he admitted it.

According to the statistics, most of the criminals who have committed something horrible like that can’t lie for a long time – their nerves give up and they confess. And the Nigerian pastor is not an exception.

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But those girls were not the only one. When the pastor’s house was found it became known that he had about 30 girls locked in there. And all of them were really young – some of them haven’t even turned 13 yet!

Lagos state Police Command found and saved all the poor girls who were so desperate because of their problems with money that agreed to have sex with a pastor who is a lot older than them.

What is more, all the victims attended the church where he was preaching. All the families where the girls came from had severe financial problems and some of them had no place to live.

The investigators think that it’s the main reason why the teenagers didn’t resist – at least they could eat and sleep well. Some of the teenage victims were interviewed as their words were important for the investigation.

pastor raped several girls

Therefore, one of them, who right now is studying in the polytechnic university in Ondo shared her story and thoughts about it. She seems to be really scared and desperate.

According to her words, she would do anything to finish her studies because it’s the dream she has been pursuing for a long time. Her family couldn’t help her financially so it was her only chance.

It is not known how long the girls had been staying there before they were found.

However, when the pastor and one of the minors had an argument she or someone she knew apparently informed the police about the actions of Nkwocha.

That’s when the police went to his house to check it and found 30 girls who were basically turned into sex slaves.

Moreover, it turned out that the rapist didn’t bother to use protection which led to several of the victims getting pregnant. 

The police of Lagos say that people don’t have to worry and that they will make sure the pastor is punished. And there is no doubt he is guilty – the statements of the girls and his own confession are the best evidence.

According to the words of a 13-year-old girl, her parents took her to his house personally because they thought that the pastor would just casually hang out with her and other girls and teach them the words of the Lord.

pastor raped several girls

It seems like most of the parents of the raped teenage girls knew the pastor very well. Moreover, they trusted him enough to let their really young kids spend a lot of time with them.

However, not all the parents knew where their daughters were. The youngest girl says that he didn’t have sex with her but he would still touch her.

And she was aware that most of the girls who stayed in the house with her were regularly raped. There is also a reason why nobody reported about this case before.

First of all, girls agreed to it themselves because they really needed money. And then, the younger ones were too scared as they were taught to respect the authority of the pastor, the man who is connected to God.

But now all they have left is prayers. No one can really say if they will be able to keep on going to church. Money has great power which sometimes leads people to do horrible things.

However, the girls couldn’t be blamed as they haven’t even reached 18.

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