Patrick Sawyer: The man who introduced Ebola to Nigeria

Do you want to know more about the case that started the Ebola epidemic in Nigeria? Read this article to learn the details about Patrick Sawyer and the virus itself.

Ebola virus

Every single world citizen gets shivers down their spine as they hear about a horrible virus that killed a huge number of people back in 2014.

Nevertheless, it’s still needed to talk about Ebola virus as it is a very important event that changed the course of our history.

People also need to know the name of Patrick Sawyer who first introduced this disease to the world and Nigeria in particular. The first case was registered in Lagos.

After the entire world found out about it, people started to panic and the news would claim that there were new cases registered every day.

Everyone was really scared for themselves and especially for people who lived in Africa and couldn’t leave.

The scariest thing was that there were so many people living in Lagos that it was way too dangerous to stay there and let someone leave the country. Luckily, there were only 8 people who died of this deadly disease.

Ebola virus

And in a few months the media claimed Nigeria ebola-free country.

All in all, it was a hard work of the doctors, scientists and the government who made it possible to stop the spreading Ebola disease. There were a lot of things done in order to prevent the catastrophe.

And even though a lot of people were scared, it didn’t turn out to be what everyone expected it to be.

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Patrick Sawyer

The epidemic started in July when Sawyer was diagnosed at the hospital. Before that he worked as a consultant. At first he didn’t want to admit that he got Ebola virus. Doctors weren’t sure about him either.

Therefore, they decided that his diagnosis was malaria as the symptoms were quite similar. Patrick spent about 5 days at the hospital and after that died.

By the end of his life it became clear that malaria wasn’t the case and he really had Ebola virus. When media found out about it people began going crazy as they were scared for their lives and the lives of other people.

In September there were more cases registered – more than 20 people were declared sick. Most of them lived in Lagos. There were seven others who died because of it after a while.

This is how Patrick Sawyer became famous in the country and in the entire continent. After these cases the government of Nigeria started acting really quickly. There appeared more emergency centres.

Ebola virus

But it was also hard to calm people down as when people start dying everyone can’t help but panic. It’s a natural reaction to danger of every human being.

All the doctors and scientists cooperated together so that they could find a way to stop this spreading Ebola virus. After a while they could figure out where the most dangerous places were and sent help there.

They checked all the people who had something to do with Sawyer to make sure they were alright and to do that they needed to visit thousands of the houses in the region. Luckily everybody was safe.

There needed to be a huge investigation done on this topic. A huge team of investigators, scientists and doctors looked at the facts and factors that might have been a cause of the outbreaks.

The Nigerian government also did its best in order to calm the people down and make sure that the disease wasn’t spreading out further.

It’s hard to name everyone who was involved in the project targeted on getting rid of the virus and saving the lives of people.

The most important thing is that it is finally behind and everyone worked really hard to stop the catastrophe.

Every single person who was suspected of suffering from the Ebola virus was carefully examined by the specialists.

Those leaving and entering the country were also checked – if someone wasn’t feeling well they were directly sent to the hospitals where the doctors were supposed to make sure that that person wasn’t contagious.

Ebola virus

What is more, even the labs were controlled by the authorities. It was necessary to make sure that all the possible measures were taken to stop the disease from spreading.

Every single doctor and nurse in Nigeria was informed about the symptoms of Ebola and the safety measures. Moreover, everyone was trying to find a cure and the government was controlling this process too.

They made sure that everyone was prepared in case something happened.

Good luck?

By the time Patrick Sawyer was diagnosed it was already known that this disease was contagious. That’s why the doctors were really scared that all the people he talked to were also in danger.

But only 20 of 72 were infected which means that the rest just got really lucky. Another reason why there were not that many people infected is because he travelled to the country by plane.

If he used the bus to move from place to place, there would be hundreds people dead by that time. What is more, Patrick was a diplomat so his privilege made it possible for him to go directly to the private clinic.

This way he avoided contact with other people. If he wasn’t an authority the consequences might have been terrible. And Lagos is a city that has a lot of health care institutions with a high quality service.

Therefore, he was taken care of pretty soon. All of these factors basically prevented epidemic from spreading further.

Panic of the residents

After people heard about Sawyer’s case they began to worry. Different sources would provide them with different information and it was hard to detect who there was to trust. This way panic was really hard to stop.

However, eventually people calmed down.

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