Prison Break: 13 inmates escape in Kogi state

The latest shocking news! What happened in the prison of Kogi state? How were 13 inmates able to escape? Find out here!


 Thirteen inmates escaped from the Koton Karfe prison in Kogi state in Nigeria. Previously, prisoners also attempted to break the jail.

Who has escaped?

According to the reports, altogether 13 prisoners escaped from the Medium Security facility, Ten of them were waiting for a trial, while three were convicted criminals. However, one of the escaped inmates was immediately caught by security agents.The accident occurred at seven o’clock in the morning on Saturday.

Karfe prison in Kogi state

How did they it?

This is the third jailbreak in Koton Karfe. Previously, the similar jailbreaks were recorded in 2010 and 2013. That time 132 inmates escaped from the prison. The majority of them were waiting for trials. This time, the prisoners broke their cells and scaled the prison fence.

The facility was determined only for 180 male prisoners.  However, at the moment of the jailbreak on Saturday, the facility was accommodating 263 inmates.

Koton Karfe

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What is done?

According to the latest news, Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Prison Service has sent a representative to Koton Karfe to assess the situation.

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