What are the best places for bridal shower?

Have you ever organized a bridal shower? If you are having a friend or family member who is getting married, it’s time to learn how to do it! Read this article and learn some useful tips!

bridal shower place

If you have a friend or a family member who is getting married, it’s your duty to throw a great party for the bride. Bridal shower is a great opportunity to celebrate the wedding and to have fun with good friends.

You need to make this day truly memorable. In case the bride doesn’t want to make anything herself, you can make it a surprise party which is going to be even better.

It is a fact that preparing everything yourself won’t be that easy. However, your friend will surely appreciate your efforts! The bridal shower tradition dates back to the nineteenth century.

Right now it’s very popular in the United States, Australia and even some countries in Africa. In case you are not familiar with this tradition, it’s a great time to learn more about it!

It’s basically a pre-wedding party for the bride where only girls are allowed. You can eat, dance and do whatever you want – the groom isn’t supposed to know what you are doing!

But it doesn’t mean that you have to go totally reckless too! In order to throw a great bridal shower party you need to plan it thoroughly so that everything goes the way you plan.

It would be a great idea to make a list of places that you might consider as a bridal shower place.

Moreover, you need to plan your budget too as this event will probably cost you a lot – but you can always split the bill with other friends of the bride.

bridal shower place

What is more, it will be great if you think of great words that you can say to your friends – something inspirational.

Getting married is a really exciting moment of her life but it’s really necessary to make this bridal shower unforgettable too! Bridal showers are really popular in Nigeria right now so every girl should have the skill of organizing it.

Some people wonder when we adopted this American tradition but there is no answer to that. Nevertheless, it is seen as a great way to spend time with your close people.

The party can be thrown in different ways – according to the personality and tastes of the bride. It’s very important to remember that you are making it for her – not for yourself.

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Few decades ago the bridal showers looked very differently in Nigeria. People used to perform traditional dances and making it a really big deal. The girls and the bride would go around the village, dance and sing all together.

However, no one does this anymore except for some tribes and ethnic groups. And is it really the best way to throw this kind of party? There is more use if we do it in a modern way.

This way the girls who are already married can share some stories and give the bride a piece of advice. Therefore, it’s better not to neglect this event as it’s not only fun but also useful.

bridal shower place

Choosing a place for bridal shower

As it was mentioned earlier, you should think of the bride’s tastes before throwing a party. What is more, you don’t necessarily have to follow the typical patterns.

Many girls choose to stay in one place – that’s why it’s so hard to choose. A restaurant, a nightclub? But you can actually combine those two or even more.

You might think it’s more expensive but it actually depends on which place you choose. For example, you can first go to the cafe with cheaper prices and then go for the night in the cinema!

It might be a lot better than if you just choose one place with higher prices. Moreover, it can be an outdoor activity such as swimming pool or even the actual lake where you can swim all together.

It might cost you even cheaper or nothing at all and the memories you’ll make will stay with you forever! There is plenty of stuff to do. Try to start planning right after she tells you the date of the wedding.

This way there will be enough time to check out everything and plan the activities and the budget.

How to plan my budget?

No matter how much money you are trying to save, you will still need a lot. It’s not a regular party or sleepover – this is a very special day.

You will probably have at least a few months before the wedding so you should start saving money right away. You need to talk to the other girls who are invited to the party.

They will surely help you financially. You can also ask them to buy something specific you will need for the bridal shower. For example, the cake and drinks.

It would be great if all of you gather and discuss everything you need. Otherwise there might be people who will buy the same thing.

Therefore, be really specific! You should also think of the gifts for the bride and discuss it with everyone who is going to attend the party.

bridal shower place

The presents for the bride

It is very important to choose the right gift. Sometimes it’s not that easy to choose something she really likes. You have to buy her something she will really need and use. You should think of her tastes again.

Does she need new clothes? What type of clothes would she love? Maybe it will be a great idea to buy her some dishes! She will probably need those if she is moving in with her new husband.

You can also get her nice underwear! However, some girls get pregnant right after they get married so in case they want to have children right away, it might be not the best option. Makeup might be a good one too!

All in all, choosing a place and a gift isn’t an easy job. Therefore, take your time and think properly what the best option would be. But remember that your friend is the one who you are organizing this party for.

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