What are the best random questions to ask people?

Have you just met a nice person but you don’t know what to talk about? This article will help you to come up with the best random questions to ask!

random questions

If you just met a person that you really liked you will obviously want to know them better. You can ask them their names and their age but there are better random questions to ask.

This way you can laugh together and learn each other’s habits and hobbies. It’s nice if you are creative but also careful with those random questions. If you say something weird it might scare the person off.

List of random questions

1) Which music do you prefer? What do you think of boysbands?

Who knows, maybe your friend is a fan of One Direction so you can attend their concert sometime!

2) Do you like girl bands?

It’s the opposite of the first question! Any question about music is very interesting to discuss. You might find out that you have a lot of similarities.

3) Do you want to have kids eventually?

Love for kids is something that connects people! But don’t insist on your own opinion about that as this question is quite serious.

4) How do you imagine your wedding?

random questions

This is one of the random questions to ask your friends, not just acquaintances. Learn how your bff sees their wedding day! Is it in a church or just in a restaurant? Don’t hesitate to ask!

5) Do you believe in God? What religion do you follow?

It is a very important question to know while communicating with your new friend. This way you can also learn about their personal perception of the world!

6) What is your opinion about reality TV shows?

Some people find it very interesting to watch the lives of the others but others think it’s weird. It’s up to you!

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7) Which talent show do you watch?

There are a lot of talent shows on the TV right now. X factor, the Voice and others. If your new friend likes any of it you can spend some time together watching it!

8) Who would you date if you were gay?

It’s sometimes hard to answer but you can laugh about it and share your thoughts.

9) What would you’ve changed if you were a time traveller?

random questions

It’s very exciting to hear the people’s answers to that. Some say they would have stopped the World Wars while others think about breaking up with their boyfriends!

10) Do you collect anything?

This hobby is not that popular nowadays but there are still people who do it and really enjoy it. It might be very interesting to look at their collection.

11) Have you ever had surgeries?

You can also ask about the broken arms or legs. You can share your experiences and laugh together!

12) Have you ever got in trouble with the law?

When you just meet a person it might be not the best question to ask. Not many people who have actually committed something bad would admit it to random person.

But you can surely ask your friends about it – you’ll know a lot of interesting facts about them!

13) Have you ever participated in any TV show?

It would be very cool to meet someone who has already been on TV. Ask them more questions about their experience!

14) Have you seen any famous people in person?

You don’t normally bump into the celebrity! That’s why it is a good question to ask and hear an interesting story back!

15) Have you ever saved or tried to save someone’s life?

random questions

What if your friend is actually a hero? Try to ask them and you might get a chance to learn more about their personality!

16) Have you ever made pranks?

Maybe your friend is one of those people popular on YouTube who perform the scariest tricks to make the others believe something that is not real and laugh afterwards.

17) What are you proud of?

There can be different reasons to be proud of something. It can be a great music or drawing skill. And it can also be good grades in school – it doesn’t matter. Every person has their own achievements.

18) Would you choose bath or shower?

Most of the people love long bathes when you can just relax for hours in hot water. However, there are also people who would prefer a quick shower!

19) Would you ever dye your hair blue/green?

A lot of people actually do it nowadays. That’s why it’s not considered something extraordinary anymore.

20) Do you like Christmas?

It’s a huge religious holiday but a lot of people just love its atmosphere and presents that they get. Ask your friend about the reasons why they love it.

random questions

21) Do you like colourful socks?

There are different kinds of people. Some of them wear only plain white or black socks while others would choose socks with crazy patterns! And there are even people who would wear different socks!

22) What is the country you would definitely move to?

Some choose European countries or the United States but there will still be people who would prefer to stay in Nigeria as they are patriotic.

23) Would you want to become famous?

Fame and glory are the things that we all dreamt about when we were younger. However, things have changed so not everyone still has a dream of becoming an actor or singer!

24) Do you watch TV often?

With the development of the Internet, TVs stopped being so integral for the youth. But sometimes you can find a lot of interesting stuff there.

25) Do you play any music instruments?

If your friend knows how to play guitar or piano ask them to play it for you later!

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