What are top 10 most unusual plants on the Earth?

Our knowledge about nature is very poor. We only think that we know a lot. Read the article to find the hot facts about the world around us.

unusual plants

The most unusual plants in the world are presented in the various records, atlases, and catalogs. It is important to know what plant is the smallest and what plant is the largest, what is poisonous and what is the most unusual. The most abundant flowers among the plants have a record for growth.

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Rafflesia Arnoldi

The biggest single flower is the Rafflesia Arnoldi. It can grow to more than ninety centimeters. Its weight is about eleven pounds. Rafflesia grows in the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia, Borneo, the Philippines and Malaysia. This beautiful blood-red flower is a plant parasite. To the host plant, it is attached by threadlike tissues. Ananthous stage goes unnoticed, and during this period the Rafflesia consists of vine growing in the little threads. To make a flower bloom, you may need more than one year.

unusual plants

 Amorphophallus titanium

Another unusual plant in the world is a three-metre Amorphophallus titanium. Its diameter is about fifty centimeters, and a weight consists of fifty pounds. Titan looks like a single giant plant, although it has an inflorescence composed of many tiny flowers. As for the unusual plant, characteristics, it has the largest inflorescence in the world.

unusual plants

Alipatova Palm

 Another unique exotic plant flower is the giant Alipatova Palm. Its inflorescence grows up to eight feet and may consist of more than one million small flowers. This palm blooms only once, during the period from thirty to eighty years. After fruiting, it dies. Alipatova palm plant with the largest inflorescence is unusual.

unusual plants

Hydnora African

The giant flower Hydnora African, growing in deserts of South Africa comes in the chain as an unusual world plant. Its body is a flower or inflorescence.  It appeares above the sandy ground. The thing is, it emits the scent of excrement, attracting, thus, dung beetles. The flower eats insects, acting as a trap.

unusual plants

 Poo Flowers Stapelia

Unusual flower Hydnora smells like Poo Flowers Stapelia giant who can grow up to forty-one centimeter in diameter. The flowers are of pale color; they are covered with hairs and emit an odor of rotting meat. The plant has several names - the Zulu giant, star cactus, flower, starfish, etc.

unusual plants

 Posidonia oceanic

Not so much time ago oceanographers from Spanish University discovered the unusual massive plant on the planet. They were "Posidonia oceanic", a plant found at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Its length exceeded eight miles. Posidonia grows to enormous colonies, forming a sea of meadows, which may go on for seven hundred miles. Plants are one of the oldest on the planet, an important part of the ecosystem. Its age is about a hundred thousand years.

unusual plants

Lian Palm

 The longest flower is Lian Palm. Its length varies from three hundred to three hundred and fifty meters. Lian palm rattan is the unusual planet plant.

unusual plants


 In America in the Park Sequoia grows enormous Sequoia named "General Sherman". The height of the tree is over eighty-three meters with a trunk diameter of thirty-one meter.

unusual plants

 Victoria Amazon

 Victoria Amazon is another massive tropical herbaceous plant of the squad Lilies. The leaves of this giant water lilies reach two meters in diameter.

Not all the poisonous plants are harmless. Among them, there are toxic, which can harm human health. For example, poison ivy, poison oak, and lacquered wood emit the volatile toxin that can cause severe allergies. Delicate in appearance, the Lily, is poisonous. Dictamnus or Fraxinella is dangerous to people and animals.  They contain therein and essential oils and can cause long-healed chemical burns. When it spreads juice on human skin, nothing will happen, but it's worth to keep this place out of sunlight, as skin is affected by the chemical burn.

 Berries and rhizomes crow's eyes are very poisonous. The plant contains a substance that causes convulsions and vomiting, sometimes leading to paralysis of the respiratory system. Convulsions, comatose state, and respiratory paralysis can come out as a result.

unusual plants


 The most poisonous plant in the world is the plant Hemlock. Its flavor is similar to a carrot but tastes like a radish. One hundred grams of the rhizome can kill the cow. It contains cicutoxin, leading to respiratory arrest and convulsions. This is not the whole list of poisonous plants on the plan
unusual plants

A few words about herbs

 One of the unusial plants is a herb - tarragon. Its Second name is "the Queen of herbs". This is a very useful plant used as a medicine, as a spice, and as an ornamental plant. Another unusual grass – wormwood, which is also widely used in medicine. Why not mention Eleutherococcus senticous, Melissa, oregano, sage, and Tarragon. Called the Queen of herbs, Unusual herbs in mind are Alpine species of colorful living carpet.

 The most popular carpet plant is Alpine. It is very unusual grass which grows as a rug. It was discovered on the shores of Lake Chany. The fact is that outwardly it resembles worms.

 Especially extreme among domestic plants looks Pseudolites.  It will surprise anyone. It was born in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Translation of the title sounds like - about the stone. The plant looks like a fat egg-shaped bumpy trunk with no leaves. Color and shape are reminiscent of stone. 

The amazing and unusual indoor plant growing without soil – is a Tillandsia. To grow it indoors, you need to get a saw cut or the bark of a coniferous tree, which will fix the roots firmly.

 One of the most interesting indoor plants – Lithops. Its form resembles the hoof with a maximum height of seven inches. It is interesting, a large part of this plant is underground. Every spring it is blooming with large bright flowers.

Another original and unusual world plant is Bonsai. Its middle name is "Tree in the pot". In fact, the Bonsai is a dwarf tree grown inside the house.

 This is just a small list of amazing house plants, the most unusual plants in the world. We have not mentioned the Infinity which is amazing. It can live without water for about five years, with moisture from the atmosphere.  Infiniti plant lives from four hundred up to two thousand years. Externally, the plant looks like a vast vegetation from two to eight meters high. These leaves continue to grow throughout life. The plant grows in areas of Namibia where the climate is increasingly humid due to frequent fog.

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