What are top 3 foot bath recipies to prepare at home?

Do you have problems with feet? Do you feel discomfort or pain? Here you will find best foot bath recipes to cope with a problem.

foot bath

Today let's talk about our feminine problems, comfortable shoes, and smooth gait. Beautiful pace – is primarily an indicator of our healthy spine and the entire musculoskeletal system. But often, our feet suffer from corns, calluses, and cracked heels, and in this case, best foot bath recipes are helpful hand. They treat and bring relief. And though summer days have already passed. We do not wear open shoes any more and do not carefully watch the beauty of our legs, the relevance of the topic is not lost.

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A good foot soaks recipes.

Calluses and thickened layers of dead skin cells of heel epidermis are usually formed due to uncomfortable shoes. The legs are pressed or slip in the shoes, and the problem areas of the foot begin to increase the "protection" and covered with a thick stratum corneum. This "protection," in the case of inappropriate footwear, puts pressure on the nerve endings of the plantar region, and we feel not only uncomfortable but also painful. What kind of light step could be thought about?

foot bath

Foot bath recipe with soda.

The thing is, in cold weather, the feet also need attention and care. A simple soda bath for the feet will not demand to spend too much time and money. Take time for yourself, treat your feet with a warm bath with baking soda, and, as a result, get a state of comfort and ease leg and also clean, soft, healthy skin.

Soda is always in your kitchen cupboard. It is In every house and always the available. It is known that it has the remarkable soothing and disinfectant properties that will save us from problems with the skin, making it healthier and well-groomed.

A foot bath with the addition of soda disinfect the skin of the feet, help to get rid of calluses and corns, which often arise because of the close, narrow or uncomfortable shoes.

foot bath

Soda helps you to eliminate the excessive sweating and unpleasant foot odor; it fights bacteria and fungi. This effect is associated with the ability of baking soda as lye "repay" acid – fact bacteria and fungal colonies reproduce only in an acidic environment!

Hot foot baths with baking soda cure a felon – a purulent inflammation of the area under the nail plate.

Foot bath recipe for your feet with baking soda softens rough skin, promote healing of painful cracks, soothe irritated skin, relieve burning, itching and swelling.

In the evening foot bath will relax and soothe, reduce fatigue from our legs, and added a few drops of essential oils will give us a sense of comfort.

The bath will allow our feet to gain strength and for us to relax! Be sure to select a comfortable chair, find a romantic movie to view and take the book in your hands for the soul. Relaxation is useful for health and beauty ritual goes well with a pleasant pastime.

foot bath

Soap-soda foot bath best recipe

For hygienic procedures take baby soap and grate two tablespoons of soap shavings. For the best disinfection (if necessary) instead use baby soap of economic 72% soap. In a bowl pour 3 gallons of hot water, pour it in soap flakes and two tablespoons of baking soda, stir. Until the soap is dissolved, remove the old nail Polish on my feet and choose a suitable color of nail Polish to applying a fresh layer.

Soap can replace shampoo or liquid baby soap.

Take soap-soda foot bath for 10 to 15 minutes, wrap the lower part of the body (including the bowl) with a warm blanket. Roughened soles are very well softened, and we can quickly remove odd skin layer. Special tools remove the cuticle on the nails. Wipe feet with the towel and brush with some essential fatty oil. For example, avocado oil or coconut oil.

Soap-soda foot bath is a real pleasure for every woman! After the procedure, you have a feeling of extraordinary lightness in your feet! Probably, each of us has experienced such a relief!

foot bath

Sea salt and soda foot bath recipe.

Bath with baking soda and salt not only softens rough skin but also relieves fatigue, tones and strengthens ligaments. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon sea or rock salt, dilute 2 liters enough water and pour in a bowl. Drop it our feet-toiler, and stir the water with feet to dissolve the salt crystals. Enjoy the procedure for a quarter of an hour or more. After the procedure feet dry with a towel, grease with a nutritious cream or carrier oil.


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