What is mobile court in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is a huge city and people get hard time arriving to courts. From now on the courts would arrive to people!

Nigerians are very creative people. They keep inventing new useful technologies, which help in everyday activities. Mobile court has become one of the latest innovations in Lagos. So, what is it? Who created it? And what were the purposes? Let’s find out!

What is mobile court in Lagos Nigeria

Mobile court

New The Mobile Court was created in Lagos at the end of February. It was actually the initiative of Lagos State Government. The key reason of establishment was dealing with growing number of cases connected with traffic and environmental abuses in this state.

 mobile court in Lagos Nigeria

The important thing you should know is that it will be ruled and directed by only highly-qualified Magistrates of Judiciary in Lagos state.

What is mobile court in Lagos Nigeria


The ceremony took place in the state of Lagos, in the capital – Ikeja.  Everything happened in the High Court. According to the words of Mr. Adeniji Kazeem (who is Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of the state), Mobile Court is the way to give people access to justice. It will also ensure and guarantee preservation of civility within the society as well as their rights.

mobile court Inauguration

In recent years, there have been many challenges connected with various traffic offenders. They are, for instance, motorcyclists, who just do not want to obey traffic signs such as zebra crossing or traffic light indications. Now, when the Mobile court has been made up, there won’t be any easy way to get away with such crimes. It also concerns some other offences. This initiative has already been called as progressive development.

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 mobile court in Nigeria


In fact, the opinions are quite different. One people say it is wonderful opportunity for the good dispensing of justice. They claim justice delayed is justice denied. Besides, fair hearing for the criminals will be provided as well. Nobody’s rights will be neglected.

mobile court in Lagos Nigeria Reaction

However, some motorists are dissatisfied with such court. They are sure that the offences are caused by reckless road users. And such kind of justice is not fair towards motorists. The other people also thing the initiative will lead to lots of briberies and corruption growth. And this is already one of the biggest problems for Nigeria these days.

Let’s see what the new Mobile court will do and how it will change the situation with traffic. Probably, we can expect some shifts for the better. It is only vital to prevent corruption though.

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