Why did a Ghanaian bride refuse to apply makeup on the wedding day?

Ghanaian bridal makeup can be very simple – no makeup at all.


For every girl wedding day is one of the most important days in her life. Preparations for it can last for months, everything is planned very carefully and checked for several times. All wedding chores, of course, are very nice, but the most excitement for every bride is caused by her image in such a solemn day. Of course, every bride wants to be like a princess, but this magical transformation requires energy, time and professionalism.

Make-up in the image of the bride plays one of the most important roles. The girl should be completely sure that everything is done perfectly and during the day she doesn’t need to correct anything. As a rule, such a delicate matter, as a wedding a make-up, a bride can trust only the professionals, because they can choose the right colors that will make a girl more beautiful, more tender, charming, emphasizing all the advantages. Professional makeup artists can accurately make the image very bright and feminine without going over the features causing the brightness or even vulgarity.

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Make-up artist who will create the perfect wedding image before the celebration must carefully examine the face of the bride. In the case she needs some cosmetic procedures, then, they must be at least one month before the wedding. This means that make-up artist should be looked for at least two months before the celebration, in order to have time to work on the correction of possible troubles with the face.

All «trips» to the solarium are also needed to be planed before the wedding, not to get a strong tan in a week before the triumph, the wrong skin color or some other problem. On the advice of make-up artist you can take care of the skin at home, making nutritional and vitamin masks, actively using creams, all of this gives a very good result. And for the day of the wedding the person will just shine with health and beauty.


Nevertheless, one Ghanaian bride decided to choose another way, just not to be like everyone, so she refused to apply makeup on the wedding day. This event was spread very quickly on the Internet.

But on the other hand, there is one more post on Twitter that ought to be considered.


There are still some debates about such topics – is it worth doing a make-up on the wedding day? Share your opinion.

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