Why did Chibok parents refuse to cooperate with BBOG?

The parents of the Chibok girls decided not to attend the BBOG march! Why did they refuse to cooperate? Read this article in order to find out more details.

Chibok parents

There was a BBOGmarch on 24th of August in Abuja. However, Chibok parents didn’t attend it which was shocking news to hear.

But later the leader of their group explained the reasons why they didn’t want to join the march.

In one of the interviews Yakubu Nkeki who is representing the parents of the kidnapped girls said that all parents of the Chibok girls had a meeting where they made a decision not to go.

They say that they see no point in organizing this kind of marches but they really want their kids back and they would do anything to release them.

They never actually blamed anyone or said that it was a bad idea.

They think that the government will help them find their kids and they will willingly work with anyone who really knows what to do to solve this problem.

Yana Galang says that they don’t belong to any kind of organization and they only rely on the government to do something so that they can have their daughters back.

Moreover, the parents of Chibok girls state that they didn’t like the last protest that also took place in Abuja.

During the last march there were a lot of activists who definitely lost control and started being really rude and disrespectful to others.

The President Buhari was also angry and he couldn’t represent himself as a good leader that day.

So the parents of missing girls say that they will only participate in the events that are actually meant to help free their lost children.

Chibok parents

And they also state that they would cooperate with anyone who will be capable of helping them.

Chibok Girls story

The tragic event when a lot of school girls were kidnapped from Nigerian secondary school in Borno State happened back in the spring 2014.

At first the identities of the criminals were unknown but after a while everyone found out that the terrorist organization Boko Haram was responsible for that.

There were more than two hundred poor girls who they kidnapped. More than 50 of them were lucky enough to escape somehow but there are more who are still under the terrorists’ control.

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The ones who became free wanted the entire world to hear their story. Therefore, they started participating in a huge amount of conferences.

And after that the world began to think of the solution even more thoroughly – all the countries were trying to send help to Nigeria and support the parents of the Chibok girls.

According to the media, the main purpose of kidnapping was the hope to exchange the innocent girls for some of their activists who were in prisons. There was another girl found this year.

She says that there were still girls there and some of them were already dead.

How did it happen?

More than 200 girls were kidnapped from the Government Girls Secondary School on the night of 14-15 April.

Chibok parents

The Boko Haram activists just got inside the building and said they were guards and ordered everyone to get out. The girls had no other choice other than believe the armed group of people and get in the truck.

During the investigation the experts found out that the missing girls were most likely taken to the area of Konduga, the place where the terrorist organization was believed to hold residency.

Not only Boko Haram kidnapped the innocent students, they also burnt down a lot of houses in the town of Chibok. A lot of schools in the area were closed because the situation was critical back then.

However, some students still had to stay as they had to take their last exam. 

The exact number of the missing girls is obviously unknown but there are several reports that try to state at least the approximate number.

Some of them state that there were 276 girls kidnapped while others say that the number is actually more than 300. But all sources agree that 53 daughters came back home safe.

The worst thing in this situation is that it turned out that Nigerian military was aware that this attack was supposed to happen. However, they failed to inform the school.

Moreover, they couldn’t even send anyone to help protect the girls. The representatives of Nigerian military admitted that they had about 4 hours and it wasn’t enough for them to do something about it.

After a while the media stated the real purpose of this kidnapping.

Chibok parents

It became known that the missing girls were used as sexual slaves, they wanted the female students of the Chibok school to do whatever they would want.

The experts say that the group was very influenced by the actions of al-Qaeda and some of the Algerian terrorist organizations.

There have been a lot of kidnappings for the past few decades but this one has drawn the most attention.

The critics have different views on the problem. For instance, some of them say that it was not a good idea to let the whole world know about it because it doesn’t help in any way.

Now when the whole world knows about Boko Haram and is scared of them, the leaders of the organization would never return the students because they will lose their reputation.

Therefore, the world should pay even less attention to this case because there is also a chance that the terrorists will get tired of them and just kill the innocent people.

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