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Stage Actors Vs Movie Actors: Who's Better?

personally, i think most stage actors are better than our home video actors. a serious case in point is the Femi Branch and Genevieve Nnaji debacle during Tyrone Terence's "Private Lies" at the Muson center last year i think. The audience had come with such high expectations of seeing their screen goddess shine on stage but unfortunately fer genny, she had to contend with a guru like Femi Branch. I read the newspaper reviews and it was nasty, of the four-man cast; Femi Branch, Genevieve Nnaji, Solomon Oguname (MTN's mama na boy) and Najite Dede, only genny gave a poor account of herself. but other screen icons like RMD, Stella damassus and even Kate Henshaw had conquered the stage, so what's genny's problem? or is it because all these people i just mentioned had stage acting backgrounds? somebody bail me out abeg!

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