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How Do I Deal With Disloyal Friends?

i had a friend and we were very close.then later a foreign grl came to school and the three of us became friends.but now, i find that both of them r very close and i feel left out.the foreign girl even invited my friend to come and stay with her 4 a week in summer!as if that was not enough,i read a txt msg in the foreign girls fone.i no i shoulnt have but it made me no stuff i dint no.both of them were sending txt msgs to themselves and gossiped about me in it.they pretend to be my friends in the real world but i just cant trust them anymore. i cant even trust anybody at this point.the most annoying part is that i cant confront them cos i shouldnt have read her msg and also i checked and she had deleted them already!am so confused and sad.pls advice me on wat to do.

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