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Your Girlfriend Asks, "Honey, How Do I Look?"

What do you do when a woman asks "how do I look" in one of various ways? For instance, after 4 hours with her hairdresser your woman returns with a hairstyle you absolutely hate and asks you "do you like it?". Or your 'urhobo' girl asks you "do you think I look fat in this dress?"

Do I agree with this article excerpt? Yes, and no. I agree that telling a woman she's not looking beautiful is the fastest way to hell, but I disagree that lying to her will put a man in trouble. I am convinced that the right thing to do is to consistently tell her what she needs to hear.

You see, if a woman asks me about her looks, I know the right answer. The right answer is that she looks "just right". It doesn't matter if I'm about to vomit on the floor, I will never in my life admit that a lady-friend asking that sort of question doesn't look "absolutely perfect!" Even if you put a gun to my head I won't say such a thing! Even if she says, "I won't you to be honest with me" I won't make such a foolish mistake.

"Never, ever, tell a woman what you don't like about her looks. Instead, shift attention to the things you you like." is my rule. What's yours? What do you say when they ask these tricky questions?

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Jerrypeps(me) Vs Jduck13>>>whose Better?

Jduck13 man I put hands on you

I dig a hole in the desert, they build The Sands on you

When the gun is tucked, untucked, nigga you die

I'm the one, thus meanin no one must try

No two, no three, no four, know why?

Because one's four-five might blow yo' high

I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol

I'm from the hood silly what type of facts are those

I'm like Bleep Jduck13 you can kiss my whole Naughty Person

So read my letters, "No One Can Do it Better"

I examine your lyrics like a ryhme inspector

Explore rap, and tell me Jpeps ain't all that

And next time I rhyme, I be foul

Whenever I freestyle I hear Jduck13 say I'm wow

hit ya, back split ya

Bleep fist fights and lame scuffles

Pillow case to your face, make the shell muffle

I need you 2get right back @ me dog

so i'ma lay u right dead in a mourge

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Any Star Wars Fans in the house? I have episode 3 Spoilers!


My name's Seun and I'm a Star Wars fan. I think it's one of the greatest movie series of all time. Some people who are fans of the older versions IV, V, and VI think that I and II were not too good. But I don't think so. I think they are all good!

My favorite character is C3PO (pronounced 'tripio'). I find his talkativeness very amusing. I like R2D2 too. The movie series has so many original concepts. Yoda, an old man who can fight! Light sabres that are more lethal than guns! "The force", which makes Jedis so powerful! The concept of the "dark side". A handsome, talented young man who turns bad!

To explore the Star Wars Universe, you can visit 'Beyond the Movies' on There's much more to Star wars than the movies.

Now I happen to have a page spoilers for the upcoming Star Wars Episode 3 - 'The Revenge of the Sith'. It includes screenshots and the full story line. If enough Star Wars 3 fans on the forum indicate interest, I will provide a way for them to view the page.

So if you're a Star Wars fan, please drop a note here and privately ask me for a copy of the spoilers!

[I]Yes, I know, there are a lot of exclamation marks in this post![/I]

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How do you wish to pass on?

Everyone knows that death is inevitable. And life they say is a very thin thread, it takes a second to snap it.

So if you were asked to decide which way you prefer to die, which way would you prefer? Is it by hanging, drowning, in a collapsed building, etc.?

For me, I'll rather choose death by gun shots because I believe it'll be easier, quicker and the pain will be minimal.

So, how do you wish to pass on?

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