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What Is It With Port-Harcourt Women And Money! Is It Normal?

My job brought me to Port Harcourt a few months ago. I have always heard warning like ‘beware of PH babes’ without really understanding the meaning until now.

The first girl I met in the city gave me a bill of buying toiletries and hosting her birthday party barely after 10 days of knowing her! The second’ a student I knew for one week before she went back to school, calls to requests for phone credit which I oblige her sometimes; the next thing I knew she wants me to send money to her through her bank account.

My thought that a working class girl will be different proved abortive. The working class girl I met told me she wants to go to Dubai during her annual leave to buy goods for sale and that I should lend her some money to augment. This is a girl that has not even been to my house o!

My question is Do you become a benefactor once you ask a girl out in this city or am I being paranoiac? Is this normal with all women everywhere because I have not experienced it before.

Before you ask Please note that I am single and in prime age.

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