5 reasons why you should detox your body with the help of tea

Every day, the human body is attacked by toxins. How can tea help you to detox your body? Find out from this article!

Every day, the human body is attacked by toxins. This is due to poor diet, environment, alcohol, etc. And unfortunately the natural detoxification systems of the body are often just not enough!

Many people believe that cleaning is carried out only by those who are obese (overweight). I myself thought so for a long time, if my weight is 50 kg., then why should I attempt to clean the body. Getting rid of the extra kilos - this is just one of the purposes why you need to conduct purification. Another purpose of purification - to get rid of toxins that enter the body from the environment and food.

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Poisoning by toxins results in:

  • A weakened immune system, and thus to colds, allergies, asthma and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Loss of strength, muscle weakness
  • Slow, poor performance of the brain.
  • Inattention, especially to small details

The more toxins affect the human body, the more it requires effort and energy to deal with them.

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According to statistics, air pollution in the CIS more than 10 times. This led to the fact that ten times increase in the number of respiratory diseases in children. Healthy body – is clean body!

I like the comparison of the human body with the car. This illustrative example shows how important is periodically body cleansing.

Cleansing the body

Every car owner is very carefully watching their cars. He knows that if he would fill a good gasoline and oil, the car will run better and last longer. Every driver knows that when the machine starts to break down, it requires constant investment. Therefore, a good motorist will be prevented permanently.

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The human body - it is the same vehicle. Only people often forget about it! If you watch him every day, people will be vigorous and healthy for years to come. And if a man lives according to the principle: "While young, everything is possible!", It is likely to have 40-50 years of such a person feels either very old, or he is very ill.

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How can tea help you to detox your body?

  1. Blood and lymphatic system will work easily.
  2. You will feel more energetic.
  3. Your immune system will function better and protect you.
  4. Your mind will become clear, you will be easier to focus on the task at hand. You will be more calm.
  5. All the systems in your body will work more collected and debugged.

With tea you can spend cleaning the intestines, liver and the whole organism. The main course is 30 days. But also you can arrange fasting days or day of atonement, to help your body and keep it in good shape.

Recommendations for receiving cleansing detox tea:

Generally it is the most simple purification, which I have ever seen. For me, two things are important to make it easy and delicious. Detox these requirements perfectly.

The experts shared their secrets of cleansing teas that you can drink every day and be healthy:

1. Tea with a currant and rosehip. Brew it simply: you'll need a few berries currants and rose hips as much, that you put on the bottom of the cup and will fill them with boiling water, cover the cup Coverings such as blankets or saucer, and when it cools down a bit - add a spoonful of honey or sugar. It is best to take this tea several times a day for the prevention of kidney disease, as well as their purification.

2. Tea with plantain and tarragon prepared as follows: in a cup to pour a pinch of black or green tea, crushed three leaves of plantain and one escaped tarragon pour boiling water and put on the stove to boil for about five minutes. Then you need to put the tea to infuse for half an hour, and then you can drink it. Tip: plantain and tarragon better to dry, and then grind, so the tea will be more effective in cleansing the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Tea with lemon balm and oregano. Herbs should be dried and crushed, then mix 3 teaspoons of lemon balm with two teaspoons Ushytsya and one spoon of lemon peel to fill them with boiling water and put on a slow fire. Tea must simmer for at least 10 minutes, after which it is required to drain, can also add a little honey, but only in the case where it is slightly cooled. This tea is quickly and effectively cleanses the intestines of toxins.

4. Tea with berries of mountain ash. You will need the dried berries, spoon which you will fill with boiling water and insist for an hour and then you can drink tea rowan. Experts advise to drink this tea during the day half an hour after eating to how to, clean the kidneys.

5. Extra herbal tea with lemon and honey to cleanse the entire body. Take two teaspoons of crushed leaves of mint and dill, add to them in two tablespoons of parsley, dandelion, nettle and walls. Pour boiling water over the grass and put infuse for 15-20 minutes, then strain the medicinal tea and add to it a slice of lemon, and to sweeten - put in a cup of tea a spoonful of honey.

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