Abdominal pain in pregnancy – 5 ways to ease it for Nigerian women

Worry over the pain in the lower part of your belly during the pregnancy? Find out what it can be caused by. Learn if it is normal and what you can do to stop it.

Pregnancy is a very special time for every woman. Especially for those, who experience it for the first time. That is why abdominal pain in pregnancy may evoke many concerns and worries. Is it normal? What is something is wrong with me or with my baby? These questions concern many ladies during this time of their life. Let’s get some answers.
Abdominal pain in pregnancy

Is abdominal pain in pregnancy normal?

Yes, it is. Of course, pain should not be a severe one. If it is a mild lower abdominal pain in pregnancy, it is Ok. If otherwise you are healthy and all the tests do not show any problem, there is nothing to worry about.

Causes of abdominal pain in pregnancy

pain in pregnancy But what causes such a discomfort? Well, your body changes rapidly. It adjusts to the new needs of the growing baby and uterus. Naturally your joints in the lower body part and all the muscles there stretch.

All the organs, such as kidneys and bladder experience pressure.

Your body sort of stretches and widens the abdomen to make enough room for your organs and the baby. No wonder it aches and hurts a bit. Plus, your lower Abdominal pain in pregnancy 1abdominal muscles start exercising.

Your body “knows” it will have to push the baby out during the labor time. These muscles have to be strong to do that. So, they get prepared ahead of time. That is why you may feel them tighten and even hurt a bit throughout the pregnancy. You may touch your belly and find it hard and strained. That is how your body gets ready for the big day.

Another possible cause of such discomfort can be gas and constipation. Your guts get pressed down by the uterus. The food goes down slower than it used to do. This may lead to gas and even difficulty defecating.

5 ways to ease this pain

Now, obviously you can do nothing to eliminate the main source of the abdominal pain in early pregnancy (and you do not want to). But you can do something to ease it.

  1. Proper diet pregnancy pain
    If the pain is caused by your stomach and gasses, you can certainly do something about it. First of all, exclude all the gas foods from your diet. Those include fatty meat, beans and green peas, sweet carbonated drinks, etc.

    Eat often, but in small portion. This way you can improve your digestion and avoid constipation and gas. Plus, this would prevent you from gaining extra weight during the pregnancy. Being overweight can add up to the discomfort and overstrain your bones and joints, as well as your muscles. 

    pregnancy 1
  2. Change your sleep habits
    Of course, you cannot sleep on your belly anymore. What you should do is to train yourself to take proper sleep position. Do not use large pillows. Sleep on pretty hard mattress and get rid of the soft one. Sleep on the right side with one of your legs moved a little forward and the other one backward.

    This way you can get normal blood circulation in your limbs and the lower belly part.
  3. Wear bandage
    Your uterus grows and causes intense pressure on your belly muscles. Wearing supportive bandage can help your back and muscles to rest more and get less stretched up. Consult your doctor to pick the right kind of it. Do not make it too tight. It has to support the belly without causing any pressure on your organs or the baby.

     walking pregnancy Nigerian women
  4. Do not stand for long whiles
    Standing or sitting up overstrains your muscles and amplifies the ache. So, try to make yourself as comfortable, as possible and limit the standing sessions. If you cook or do any other kind of work, plan short breaks to let your muscles rest for a little while.
  5. Do some walking
    Being pregnant does not mean you are sick. You can and need to exercise properly. Your muscles should get stronger to hold your increased body weight. The best kind of exercising is walking. Take a little stroll every day. This way you increase the blood circulation in your muscles and organs. You also boost the health of your baby inside the womb. Using your muscles helps them to adjust faster and ease the pain.

When should I consult the doctor?  

 pregnancy ease for Nigerian womenAre there cases, when I need to consult a doctor over the abdominal pain? Certainly there are. In some situations such pains may indicate the early miscarriage. These pains may get more severe and they may be accompanied by bleeding, you should seek help right away.

Such pain can be also evoked by ectopic or tubal pregnancies. This means the baby is being developed outside of uterus. Acute or ongoing abdominal pain should be attended to. Visit your doctor and let them examine you or do the Ultra sound to make sure you are not dealing with such a case.

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Now you know how to handle abdominal pain in pregnancy. In most cases it is nothing to worry about. Just take good care of yourself, eat right and exercise and it is going to be alright. Still, make sure to get timely examination and medical treatment for your symptoms, if they get more severe. 


I'm eight months pregnant and sometimes I have abdominal pains. Usually it happens when I sit for some time in one position, for example in the car. But when I change position the pain is gone. The best way for me to ease abdominal pain is to lie down for about 10 minutes and relax, it always helps me to feel better. It is also a good idea to use a fitball to sit on, for example when you are watching TV. While sitting on a fitball you can do some simple excersises, they are very useful for pregnant women.

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