African people suffering from LSC disease, what is it like?

African people often suffer from terrible disease, what is it? What is Light Skin Complex? Can you get sick? Everything you need to know about LSC is here right now!

Light Skin Complex

Because most black people especially Africans from more than 53 countries and states that make up the whole continent have a common psychological disease, which is called the LSC or ‘Light Skin Complex’ disease. This disease usually remains un-diagnosed as the affected people refuse to talk about this terrible psychological problem. Africans in general largely consider LSC as non-existent, because, like most of the issues related to the Africans, they need to observe, touch and feel it before they believe.


white and dark skin

LSC begins to emerge during the first childhood steps of the African kid. Growing up, they are always surrounded by different advertisements and foreign imports, waving models from everywhere with the features that are totally different from them. School textbooks always tell them about the distant lands with their neatly settled row of houses and accurate beautiful manicured lawns. They carry pictures of pretty blue-eyed curly girls baking cakes with jam for the 4th of July, and snow-white Christmas with turkey and also apple pie.

The African kid is already thrown into a deep Western culture from birth; they are forced to accept it as a pure living standard for everyone. Recently, an African child of the 21st century was stuffed with Asian culture - mostly, Chinese and Indian.

pretty black woman

Well, from the moment the kid is born, the black child is taught to hate and embrace everything and everyone but the well-known things to him. These kids know much more about the Dykes of Holland, for example, than the Savanna Highlands from Cameroon. Children know more about the ‘white’ Delaware car industry than African International Soap Factory in Cameroon. They can remember Shakespeare’s quotes faster than Ngugi wa Thiong’o  from Kenya.

Kids know the Great Leap Forward and Mao Tse-tung, but they don’t know Sundiata Keita from Mali. They all have heard about Queen Elizabeth but have no idea about Queen Nzinga from Angola.


black and white dolls

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Diagnosing of LSC is totally easy and free. The carriers display symptoms of the disease as a deep inferiority complex that leads to foolish behavior around people whom they consider ‘better than them’, because of their complexion. Affected people often act dumb and do not behave, who they are indeed. Unfortunately, these people do not recognize that they were ‘sick’ with the Light Skin Complex. Special care must be taken when LSC is diagnosed, as this may lead to confrontation and violence.


black and white women

This disease usually has no certain gender or certain conditions; it is known to attack all of sexes without any special background. However, black men, Africans, especially, have the LSC, as it is often a common practice amongst this group to purposely form liaisons with lighter skin counterparts, in the hope that it increases their respect among the right thinking society. It is regarded as to tear a huge pot of gold and a matter of respect, pride and admiration.

Ironically, affected people happen to be the educated and unenlightened, usually from rich backgrounds. The rich people are wealthy and educated, yet fundamentally blighted by this psychological disease. On the other hand, the poor who are affected by LSC welcome it as an acceptance of self-worth which enables them to step into the right social circles.


black and white

The needed treatment for LSC is very cheap and freely available to everyone: it is enlightenment and a real educational revolution. A lot of affected people see education as their way out but as written above, education is often processed depriving them of their real true identity. There exist a lot of educated unenlightened Africans; the Oxford and Princeton graduates are still found to hold intrinsic archaic and primordial values.

The tragedy of the well-educated Africans is that they go out more disconnected from Africa, confused and bewildered jammed infusion of different cultures they have been listening to for a lifetime. They are like a beautiful broken porcelain vase - too stunning to throw away, but no it is absolutely useless.

Looking forward

Tyra Banks

LSC is widely endemic in the majority of Africans. Because it is not confirmed, the help is hard to find. LSC has led to some psychological dysmorphia, which is commonly found in Africans. A beauty pageant at a London location, who is a fair-skinned mixed race participant, has won a prize, and was crowned a queen of the night. She was the third light-skinned girl to win the competition three years in a row perspective.

So the little girl turning over the pages of her mother’s pop magazine dominated by beautiful women looking nothing like her at her, does not hesitate to lighten her skin. And you shouldn’t wonder why the little boys growing up into men are psychologically distorted looking for only light skinned women for their relationship.

Why do black people want to be light skinned?

black man and white woman

Imagine if, tomorrow, you wake up seeing that every white lady is wearing a nice Afro wig and are painted themselves in black. Not just one white lady, or some, or a ‘mainstream’, but exactly every white woman. So what would you think then? Will you think there is something weird going on? Will you wonder seeing every white woman, who wants to hide her natural hair and deliberately adopts a lot of another race’s physical features? You would, certainly, think it’s very weird.

If each white lady you saw was ‘willing to be black’, you would assume that there had to be some dark, deep, psychological problem. Maybe some sort envy, self-hatred, desire to emulate or something. No doubts there must be a lot of TV shows about this phenomenon to make this psychological problem well-known and cured.

Yet weird enough, today almost all black people have used the most extreme measures to become as white as it’s possible—and at the same time none has ever dared to explain this fact on a racial psychological level.

afro hair

Different black hair straighteners, or for example ‘relaxers’ as they are called all the time, have flooded the cosmetic market. They are extremely common in Africa and also among black populations in America and Europe. Everywhere you look, you can see African women, who straight their hair, making it look less Afro. The famous black comedian, whose name is Chris Rock, has even created a movie about this phenomenon. He called it ‘Good Hair’, it revealed that his community often spends $5,000 straightening hair and that this industry is worth about $9 billion per year only in America. You can hardly find a ‘natural’ Afro hair on the street any more.

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