Air Pollution vs. malnutrition: What kills more people in Africa?

How do you think - what is the main cause of death in Africa? Read the article below and you will find answer for this question

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In the first large-scale attempt to calculate both human and financial losses from pollution of the continent, it was able to determine that dirty air can lead to premature annual deaths of 712,000 people. At the same time - for comparison - from unsafe water each year about 542,000 die, from malnutrition - 275000, and from bad sanitation - 391,000 inhabitants of the African continent. While the main environmental indicators were improved with the development and industrialization, in the open air pollution resulting from the use of transport, electricity generation and operation of industrial enterprises is growing rapidly, especially in rapidly developing countries such as Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

"The annual number of deaths as a result of environmental pollution by solid particles in Africa increased by 36% in 2013 compared with 1990. During the same period, deaths from household air pollution has also continued to increase, but the rate has increased by only 18% ", - said researcher center Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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For Africa as a whole, it is estimated that the economic losses due to premature deaths from air pollution in 2013 amounted to approximately 215 billion dollars for air pollution, as well as 232 billion dollars by indoor air pollution. Ecologist are concerned about the pace of growth of air pollution in Africa, which takes place in opposition to the tendency to reducing pollution in most countries. Air pollution causes can be using of cars and trucks imported from rich countries, leading to a further increase of air pollution in urban areas is high, also cooking over an open fire.

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Last year it was found that more people were killed prematurely from breathing in the dangerous particulates and chemicals found in outdoor air pollution than are killed by HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Globally, it is thought that over 3 million people die prematurely from heart attacks and strokes induced by ambient pollution, but that doesn’t include the additional 3 million who are thought to die from breathing in indoor air pollution.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development concluded that the annual air pollution leads to the death of 712,000 people, with economic losses amount to 364 billion. pounds. Air pollution in Africa is a cause of premature mortality, with more weight than with unsafe water and malnutrition in children. This problem can turn into a health and climate crisis akin to those encountered China and India.

Not surprisingly - the polluted air is the fourth planet killer. The top lines of risk occupy Nigeria and Ethiopia. But, unfortunately, there are countries where the researchers have not managed to identify the causes of pollution.

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African leaders do not pay enough attention to environmental problems, which lead to an increase in the incidence of infectious diseases. Africa's population is growing at the fastest rate in the world, in proportion to this growth is developing its economy, but at the continent have not paid enough attention to environment. Air pollution by "particulate matter" is one of the most serious threats in poor African rural areas, where there is no access to environmentally clean methods of cooking and space heating.

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