Are energy drinks bad for your heart?

You can use energetic drink to be more active and strong for a while. It`s cool way to avoid sleep and exhaustion. But do think about how harmful they can be for your health? Find out the answer in this article!

energetics impact

Energetic drinks are non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks. The advertising companies focus on their ability to stimulate the central nervous system and provide the anticipative effect.
All energetic drinks have a stimulating effect. This is the primary function for which these drinks were invented. They cause the dual attitude: enthusiastic - from the part of youth, and skeptical - from the doctors.


Energetics are actively used by different people. By students when they have to be awake for a long time in preparation for exams.  By athletes who have training for a long time. By drivers who forced to drive the vehicle at night. The drowsiness and lethargy disappear after consumption of energetic drinks.
Manufacturers of energetic drinks claim that energetic drinks influence on the human body positively. But this is not so.

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The composition of energetic drinks

  • Caffeine

This is the main active ingredient of any energetics, which stimulates activity. Caffeine stimulates brain activity and thinking processes, the activity of the cardiovascular system. You can drink per day up to 2 cans-energy drink for a healthy body. Large doses of caffeine lead to the depletion of the nervous system and cardiac activity significantly increases or considerably lowers blood pressure, causes a headache. They are forbidden in diseases of the blood vessels, heart, nervous system, and hypertension.


  • Taurine

This is the second major component of any energetic contained in them to a great quantity. Taurine accumulates in the tissues of the muscles and improves metabolic processes in them. Taurine has anticonvulsant properties, but recent studies have shown that taurine has not any positive, stimulating effect on the human body. Moreover, large quantities of taurine can cause overstimulation of the nervous system and its depletion, and in combination with alcohol, taurine strengthens its impact, leading to severe disturbances in the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Taurine is contraindicated for the reception of people with high nervous irritability, and consuming alcohol.

  • Carnitine

Carnitine has a little positive impact on increasing metabolism, reduction of fatigue and muscle oxidation of fatty acids in the body. In excess doses, it can cause pain in the stomach, dyspepsia, muscle weakness and sudden loss of pressure.

energetics impact

  • Ginseng, guarana

Tonic properties of these plants provide rapid removal the muscle tissue of lactic acid, which is especially important during exercise. Extracts of guarana and ginseng can relieve muscle pain by hard exercises, to give you strength and to increase the activity of the organism and resistance to diseases. But to a great, regular quantities, drink with extracts of guarana and ginseng can cause various disorders of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, to increase the pressure and lead to hypertension development, also stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

  • Matein

This substance enters into the composition of tea mate. It helps to get rid of feelings hunger and even promotes weight loss due to the breakdown of fats.

Now we see that for the beautiful jar, attractive advertisement, and sweet taste, hiding so dangerous ingredients. They can have an adverse impact on all your body. But how influence energetic drinks on the largest organ of the body? 

Impact on heart

Energy drinks have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system of the body. The consumption of energy drinks with high caffeine content can lead to palpitations, high blood pressure, seizures, and in some cases, death. 
The scientists also found that the consumption of power has a short-term impact on the ability of the heart to contract. It should be noted that people, especially children with disorders of the heartbeat have to avoid energy drinks. 

energetics influence on heart

Besides, energy affects the pulse. When you drink, pulse increases, which in consequence may lead to the use of the backup resources of the whole organism. Therefore, it can lead to insomnia, irritability, heart problems and a heart disorder.
When a person consumes energy drinks, the left ventricle is reduced stronger than the right. This is not the norm; therefore, it leads to disruption of the heart.

heart pain

People who already have heart problems are particularly vulnerable. Patients with hypertension, glaucoma, and insomnia are contraindicated to use energy drinks. In the use of energy drinks increases the risk of development of complications on the heart. Subsequently, this can lead to death.

heart disease

It`s important to remember that energy drinks, which contain high doses of biologically active substances that can have negative effects. For example, sleep disturbance, agitation, anxiety, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, nausea and vomiting, short-lived depression.

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