Are mental disorders hereditary?

Have you ever thought that mental disorders can be hereditary? Read the article not to become a victim of hereditary mental disorder.

Depression or mental disorder?

Why some people retain a clear view of life, while others are victims of mental disorders, scientists still argue. Over the years, the study hasn't found an answer to this question, and the causes of mental illness can now be set quite subjective. Scientists have found that each of us has a susceptibility to mental disorders, but someone easily overcomes the excitement and challenges, and someone locks them inside, causing disease. A huge role in this plays the character, mentality and human temperament, as well as the presence of a genetic predisposition.

According to many observations by generations of families, it was concluded that mental illnesses are not transmitted by inheritance, and transferred to a predisposition to them. A person whose ancestors suffered from schizophrenia, can live quite a normal life, without experiencing even the slightest hint of inferiority, but in special circumstances predisposition manifests itself, and the rudiments of the disease can be formed. As the trigger it can be psychological trauma, death of a close person, personal tragedy or difficult situation in life. That's why experts recommend children who are at risk - to protect them from severe shocks and injuries.

Brain work

Scientists have tried to find out whether heredity affects the development of the disease, even if you raise a child in a healthy family. For an experiment children from mentally ill women being infants weaned from their mother, and the child was raised in a normal family. Conclusions were stunning - 50% of the children showed signs of their mother's illness, despite the lack of emotional turmoil.

Is it difficult to overcome?

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What diseases are transmitted genetically?

Mental illness, transmitted by inheritance - is one of the toughest categories in psychiatry, as their course often becomes slowed, and they have chronic strokes. One of the most common diseases of this kind - schizophrenia, because the risk of developing it in people with a hereditary predisposition is 30%, and without it - 1%.

While science does not know whether it is possible to prevent the inheritance of mental disorders, but there were developed a lot of methods for their treatment. Mental health - is the key to not only your usefulness, but also to the normal life of your offspring!

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