Are we dealing with the new Ebola virus disease outbreak? – New Ebola in Liberia case confirmed

Is there a new Ebola virus disease outbreak in 2016? Must read news for all Nigerians.

Ebola virus disease has been found in Liberia. The 30-year-old woman has died of this disease in hospital. The Ministry of Health of Nigeria has ordered to investigate hospital and the residence of the woman to find information about people who were in contact with her. They have created urgent negotiations to fix a problem as soon as possible. Most likely, it is Ebola in Liberia update.

ebola virus update

The first outbreak of fever happened in 2015 and ended in spring of the same year. The second wave of Ebola Liberia began in autumn 2015 and ended in winter of 2016. Now the third wave of the Ebola 2016 virus begins.

ebola 2016

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The international committee of health protection reported earlier that the disease has ended and there won't new waves anymore. However, it has turned out that it's not true. Today there is no guarantee that there will be no flashes in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra.

Now new cases of an illness are expected. Experts say that they will remain vigilant to save life of citizens. Now the region has 1000 employees who are ready to come to the rescue in case of danger.

Ebola virus facts

ebola liberia 2016

  • The illness caused by Ebola virus is heavy, fatal consequences to people are often.
  • The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads among them from person to person.
  • The average mortality rate makes about 50%. During former flashes, indicators of lethality made from 25% to 90%.
  • Involvement of local communities is important in successful fight against flashes. High-quality control of infection leans on complex of actions: maintaining patients and tracking of contacts, qualitative laboratory service, safe burials and social mobilization.
  • Now there are no licensed Ebola vaccines. However, 2 potential candidate vaccines are in the process of passage of an assessment.


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