Average penis size: is penis size genetic?

What the size of penis depends on? Read the article to learn the facts about sexual organ.

A lot of people are interested in one question – is penis size genetics-caused? There is a set of opinions about it. Let's understand, whether it is really so.

penis size genetics

The length and grasp of penis depends on the same parameters, as shape of nails, form of eyes, leg size - on genetics of person and on features of his individual development. If the amount of testosterone in man's organism throughout his development was insufficient, then the genital won't have the necessary sizes.

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The size of sexual organ also depends on the race, which the person belongs to. If he is representative of Europeans, then the genital are statistically bigger, than Asians have. But he should envy black people. Their average penis size is the biggest in the world.

average penis size

Scientists made the assumption that penis size depends not only on genetic, but also on environment factors. Food, impact of chemicals on organism belongs to it. Toxins don't exert any impact on penile size. Chemicals of a natural and synthetic origin cause endocrine violations that involve a number of diseases, including deformation of genitals of men and women.

penile size

Actually scale of genitals serves as reflection of condition of reproductive and endocrine systems. Organ of small sizes shows low level of testosterone, which slows down growth of tissues of genital, lead to infertility owing to reduction, and then to terminations of development of gametes.

penise increase

All we know that length and width of genitals are very important for people. The big organ becomes a pride subject, gives confidence in intimate relations with women. However, if the man has small size, then he shouldn't be upset. There is a set of penise increase exercises, which will help to achieve desirable result. And remember – the main thing is not the size but ability to use it right.


Whatever it was, I still tend to the conclusion that all of our genitalia and their dimensions - is the result of genetics and only. Although now invent any means to increase the penis and breasts, but it is unrealistic to make with the help of various herbs and potions. No, I do not think that I do in anything I do not believe, I believe in plastic surgery, but here, a mustache can increase or even decrease, but such a method, as for me, one of the most critical. I wish you all accept yourself for what you have and enjoy every day!

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