Benefits of fasting: science proves it does good for your health

Can fasting benefit your health? Learn the truth now.

What are the benefits of fasting

Many religions in the world use fasting as one of its rituals. During Ramadan it would be a proper thing to discuss the benefits of fasting in Islam. Fast seem to produce both spiritual and physical results in one’s life.

What are the benefits of fasting?

So, if you have decided to do a short term or even a long term break in eating, find out about the benefits of fasting in Ramadan. Here is a list of them:

  1. Gets your sugar in blood under control
    Fasting boosts your body sensitivity to insulin. This means you gain fuller control over processing sugar and lower the risks of its high levels in the blood. It also means you prevent diabetes development!
     benefits of fasting
  2. Boosts your metabolism
    While your digestive system gets a break, your body increases the metabolism and starts using the calories you’ve got smarter. And, as the result, you start losing weight faster.

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  3. Keeps your hormones under control
    Besides insulin fasting fixes the way other hormones work and allow you to get finally an idea of what true hunger is. In most cases people who regularly eat experience “false” sense of hunger. They are not really hungry. Most of them had no chance of using up all the calories consumed during the last meal. That’s why we obese. When you fast, your body starts sending your proper brain signals of true hunger.
    What are the fasting
  4. Makes you smarter
    It regulates the way your brain functions. It increases the production of BDNF in your body, and that grows more nerve cells in your brain. So, fasting you boost your brain capacity.
  5. Keeps up your immune system
    Once you stop polluting the body with bad things contained in food (especially junk one), you allow it to cleanse and boost your immune system. It gets few unnecessary challenges to deal with and focuses on urgent issues.
    ramadan fasting

As you see, benefits of fasting are many. It is good both for your soul and your body. So, find a proper and healthy regimen to do it.

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