Best home remedies for headaches, what are they?

Is there a homemade remedy for a headache, which will help you to resolve a problem quickly and easily? The history answered this question. Our ancestors lived in the century when medicines were not produced for people. Therefore all health problems were solved at home with recipes tested over the years. Let`s read together!

remedies for headache

To find the correct remedy to cure a headache, you need to understand the reasons that caused it. Often pain can be the result of stress, overwork, postponed conflicts, weather changes and viral diseases. 

Possible causes of a headache

It is better to find out causes of a problem in a clinical setting. There you will be providing expert assistance. Unfortunately, when you`re ill, it isn`t easy to find a free time to go to the hospital. So everyone has to know reasons for pain. They are:

  • Neurological, infectious and other diseases (depression, hypertension, rhinitis, sinusitis, endocrine pathology, eye diseases);
  • Сonsumption of oily food with excess of cholesterol acids;
  • Fasting, extended periods of time without food, the habit of skipping breakfast;
  • Eating excessive amounts of fluid;
  • Dehydration;
  • Unsupervised use of medicines;
  • Stress, nervous tension;
  • Alcohol;
  • Smoking: 
  • Physical inactivity – lack of movement;
  • Climatic conditions;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Hormonal disruption, premenstrual syndrome.

causes of headache

Any of these reasons in combination with other may cause a regular or an intense headache. As you see, many of these causes can be avoiding by an effort to change your lifestyle.

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Nowadays there are large quantities of homemade recipes which will help you to relieve a headache. Let`s see them.

Treatment by essential oils

In addition to a pleasant aroma, essential oils have the ability to increase the body's immune defense, influence beneficially on the organs of respiration and provide analgesic effects. In the fight with a headache, the most efficient remedy is lavender, mint, and rosemary. Successfully used aromatic liquids obtained from various parts of plants such as cypress, sage, rose, marjoram. Before using essential oils, you need to identify the cause of pain, and then to choose one or other method of treatment.

oils for headache


If a headache is caused by fatigue, it is useful to massage into your head some drops of lavender oil. An excellent effect can be achieved if you apply oil of lavender and mint by mixing them in equal proportions. Also, you can help cold compresses on a forehead, neck, and temples. The gauze is impregnated with a liquid of the following composition: 100 ml of water, 6 drops essential oils — three of lavender, two of chamomile and one of lemon.


If you suffer from chronic headaches, you should take an aromatic bath with essential oils of sage, basil, and lavender. You will feel the relief as soon as you massage temples, frontal and occipital region of the head with a mixture of oils of lavender, mint, and sage — 3 drops each.
You can cure a headache when you massage the face, shoulders, and back using oils of lavender, chamomile, and mint. You should rub the skin with a mixture consisting of a teaspoon of olive and 3-6 drops of essential oils.

Treatment with honey

Homemade remedies prepared by honey can significantly avoid pain with the head, which are not the result of life-threatening and requires urgent medical intervention conditions. 

honey for headache


If the headaches are chronic you should eat a couple of teaspoons of honey before eating. 


For severe pain add honey to the infusion of elder flowers. The proportions of infusion would be as a tablespoon of raw material to 250 ml of boiling water. Then drink before eating a quarter of the cup.


If you have a migraine, should add the honey and apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon). It`s best to mix components in a glass of boiled water.

Moreover, you can prepare a medicinal cocktail by dry red wine, honey, and aloe juice. It is recommended to take this remedy in small doses (1 teaspoon) three times throughout the day.

Don't forget about honey as an effective solution for prevention of violations of cerebral circulation. A person can feel precursors of a stroke, because of pain in the head. A small amount of sweet healing product can prevent the terrible disease. Daily rate for an adult is 60 to 100 grams of honey, which should be divided into three stages.

Clay wraps for headaches

Clay is an ancient remedy for treating pain. It has many advantages, including the ability in the short term, relieve the pain.

clay wraps for headache

  • You should put 150 grams in an enamel bowl, then add a quarter cup of warm water and mix until smooth. The gauze coated with a mixture (layer thickness 5 mm) put on the frontal part of the head side to side. This compress must be on your head for about 15-20 minutes. The procedure should be repeated daily before bedtime for months.
  • For the clay wraps with mint you need to take 100 grams of clay, half a cup of water, infusion of peppermint (2 tablespoons) and a napkin. The course of such treatment should not exceed seven days. You shouldn`t leave the towel with the mixture on the delicate parts more than 15 minutes. 
  • Similarly, you can make the body wraps with lemon balm. For this procedure, you required half a cup of infusion of herb and 100 grams of clay.

Herbal treatment for a headache

To fight with a headache can help tinctures, broth, infusions and ointments, which include chamomile, St. John's wort, peppermint, calendula, and other medicinal plants. 

herbals for headache

  • Prepare the liquid of the herb St. John's wort ordinary. Drink one-third of a cup before each meal.
  • After eating it is helpful to drink a third of a glass of the broth prepared from fragrant chamomile flowers. To make daily allowance tablespoon of mixture pour a glass of water, and boil 5 minutes, then infuse for about 20 minutes and filtered.
  • Before each meal, you should drink one spoon of alcohol tincture of the roots of the peony. The proportion of components: 1 part crushed rhizomes, ten parts of vodka.
  • Prepare a mixture of dried herbs clover, rattle (for four pieces) and flowers of white lilac (2 pieces). Two tablespoons of the mixture brew boiling water (500 ml), after half an hour of infusion, strain. Drink 5-6 times a day half a cup.
  • Make an infusion of a mixture of dried flowers of cornflower meadow pink and lilac with thyme. All the ingredients are mixed in equal parts, pour boiling water over the tablespoon of the raw material and leave to infuse for 60 minutes. This infusion is recommended to drink twice a day with a break of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Acupuncture and manual therapy

A regular massage can help you to cure a headache. Professional massage hasn`t virtually contraindications based on age or state of health. You can do the manual massage by yourself. All you just need is to know the location of the points which you have to push. You don`t need to be a specialist in manual therapy to eliminate symptoms at home with simple movements.

massage for headache

  • There are several vital points on the head that you should massage. At first, you can affect the point located in the middle of the vertical neck muscles. If it doesn`t work, press the recess in the base of the neck. Another important point (steam bath) is close to the inner edge of the eyebrow, in an eye socket;
  • The massage is performed in the following way: 20-30 warm-up movements, and then about 70 of pressure for treatment;
  • You can do the traditional head massage to stretch the skin, stimulate blood circulation, and activate metabolic processes.

Remember! Use homemade remedies and do the procedure only in cases when you are sure there are no adverse reactions. Sometimes the body can give an inadequate immune response to a new herbal remedy or procedure. Don't forget that a doctor performs the real headache treatment. Temporarily to get rid of the symptoms does not mean you are healthy!


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