Bi o se le dena arun HIV/AIDS?

How to prevent hiv/aids? I am safe kissing a person with it? Bi o se le dena arun HIV/AIDS?

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HIV \ AIDS is not transmitted through kissing. Even if you have an intimate relationship with someone who has the disease, but use a condom, infected impossible. This disease is transmitted through blood or sex without a condom. Some people are afraid of the lack of awareness be welcomed with infected hand. They do not need to fear. I think decent people always tell your partner about his illness. With good treatment people live a full life. But it is better to warn yourself and be healthy. A careless sex pick up this nasty disease.


HIV is a seriuos problem for NIgeria, because 19 percent of all those who die of AIDS in Africa are from Nigeria. Learn more here Symptoms of HIV - are you really safe?


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