Can amblyopia be treated?

Are there any methods of treating amblyopia? At what age it is possible to get rid of this disease? Find the answers in this article!


Before discussing the way of treatment this disease, we need to define what amblyopia actually is.

What is amblyopia?

This is a condition when one eye or both eyes have poor visual activity. This condition is also called “lazy eye.” The eye can’t see clearly because of the high amounts of farsightedness, nearsightedness, the presence of a constant eye turn and astigmatism. As a result, the brain has suppressed info in that eye. In its turn, the suppression negatively influences the development of vision. So, in the case of amblyopia, the brain can’t combine two images from both eyes to produce a 3D image.


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Can amblyopia be treated?

The answer is “yes” – it is possible to treat this disease. The brain has plasticity. Therefore the circuitry of the brain can be changed.

The amblyopia can be treated in the next ways:

1.    Vision therapy which will help to restore clear vision,  improve eye coordination and equalize vision in both eyes. This method will only be effective in the early age.

Vision therapy

2.    Fogging or blocking the favored eye with eye drops, eye patch or lenses. This way the weaker eye will be forced to work.


3.    Using contact lenses or eyeglasses, which will help the weaker eye to work efficiently.

Using contact lenses

Can amblyopia be treated in adults?

While all methods described before are mostly suitable for children, there is an obvious question “Is it possible to treat amblyopia in adults and how?” The answer is positive: yes, amblyopia can be treated. However, every case is different, and methods which will be suitable for every person are unique. Therefore it is essential to visit the doctor and he will recommend treatment especially for you.

Watch the video with the success story of amblyopia treatment in adults.

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