Can Balance Exercises Help People With Diabetes?

Have you ever thought that balance exercises can be rather useful in the process of getting rid of diabetes? No? After reading the article you will have full information on how to cure diabetes with the help of balance exercises.

Happy doing exercises

Exercise for diabetics are usually divided into power workout and cardio trainings. Strength training is done in the gym. Cardio workout - strengthens the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure and prevents heart attacks. It includes jogging, swimming, cycling, skiing, boating, and so on.

Balance exercises can help control the pain of peripheral neuropathy. According to studies of diabetics, one hour on the treadmill, 4 times a week, will slow the process of peripheral nerve damage.

Make regular exercises a part of your life. But first, talk to your doctor to find out which exercises are suitable exactly for you.

Water exercises

Swimming or water aerobics provide you with mils exercises. The water supports your body, removing excess pressure on the foot, mostly suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Yoga and Tai Chi is also a good choice. The exercises included in these practices help to achieve a balance and relaxation.

Don't give up

Hasten slowly

Start to do - is not an easy task. Do not rush, start leisurely. For a start just five minutes of extra movement will be enough, gradually, day by day increase the load. Recommended time of training is 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Work on your balance

Work on your feeling of balance, standing up from your chair. Do this three times in succession. First, you can use your hands to help yourself. Gradually try to do it without using your hands. This is one of several steps on the way to improve your balance.

Balance on one leg

Accept the challenge

Slowly lift one leg off the ground and hold the balance on one leg. Try to keep your balance for 30 seconds, then change legs. Over some time you can do this exercise for a longer time. Your goal - to do it without using your hands. If you need to stabilize your position, do the exercise next to the object, which you will be able to hold on.


Walking "on a rope"

Try to balance

For this exercise, you do not have to balance on the rope. You just need to put your foot on one line, making a step forward. Slightly bent your knees, arms out to the sides to make it easier to maintain balance. To increase the complexity of the exercise, try to make moves in the opposite direction.

On tiptoes

Do the exercises next to a chair or railing. Slowly rise up on your toes, and stay in that position for several seconds. Repeat the exercise three times. Each time, try to spend more time on the toes.

Before you begin, be sure you were examined by a doctor

Do it!

Take the survey and get medical advice before starting to practice. After each workout, inspect the legs to make sure that there are no injuries, blisters, scratches, cracks, cuts, to avoid infection.

Get proper footwear

For diabetics it is very important to have a good pair of athletic shoes. Good shoes will help you avoid injuries of the foot. When buying, look at the toes zone, it should be spacious. Shoes should fit well in order to prevent unwanted friction and blisters.

Blood Sugar and Exercises

Check your blood sugar before and after exercises. So this way you can find out the effect of exercise on changes in the level of sugar, in order to manage this process after exercises. Safe range - 100 to 250 mg / dl. When the level of blood sugar is > 250 mg / dl (type 1 diabetes), you should check for ketones in the urine. If the figures are high, suspend classes until they are reduced.

 Make fun out of fitness

Do the exercises that bring you pleasure. You liked some kind of activity in childhood? Perhaps we should go back to them again. A positive attitude will improve not only your physical form, but also the mood. You just have to move.

Turn to other pursuits

Find a partner. It could be your friend, neighbor, partner, or even a pet. Teamwork provides additional motivation. Choose a workout buddy to physical preparation, appropriate to yours, then you will feel more comfortable. Also you can do exercises with a group at the gym or a specially created support groups.

 Try something new

Experiment, try a new sport, take a golf lesson, bowling, dancing. Buy a DVD with exercises. The main thing - to choose what would you like and help yourself maintain physical activity without lots of efforts and time.

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