Can bitter leaf reduce sugar level?

Bitter leaf popularly used to prepare soup in the eastern part of Nigeria is now known to be a wonder vegetable with medicinal properties which can be used to treat different ailments such as reducing blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

bitter leaf

Probably every person with diabetes heard about a nontraditional but effective method for the treatment of disease, which is based on eating wholesome broth of Bitter leaf. Can Bitter Leaf reduce blood sugar?

Indeed, the Bitter Leaf is not only a fragrant spice for our dishes but also an excellent means of herbal medicine with diabetes. Mind its benefits only for the second type of the disease. How should we use Bitter Leaf not to lose its healing properties and to affect our health favorably?

Laurel (Laurus nobilis) or a Bitter Leaf is a low-growing evergreen tree, which, together with avocado and cinnamon refers to an extended Lauraceous family. The beautiful and fragrant leaves of this tree since ancient times were used in cooking and medicine.

Valuable Bitter leaf is considered due to a subtle pleasant fragrance, because of a vast number of essential oils. As a matter of fact, the oils are not only in the bitter leaf but also in flowers and even the bark of this plant.

The taste of the fresh Bay leaf is very particular, with a slight bitterness, so it should not be cooked for a long time whiles the kitchen.

Essential oils contained in the bitter leaves, positively influence the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, prevent the development of infectious diseases. The antiseptic properties of bitter leaves can use it to prevent or treat various diseases of the genitourinary system. For the treatment of inflammatory processes of the skin, as well as fungus or psoriasis you can use regular broth of bitter leaf oil, the concentration of essential oil in the broth is much higher.

Alas, the broth of Bitter leaf is an auxiliary, not the primary treatment, so do not overdo with its use and do not limit the use of other means or medication.

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bitter leaf

Can Bitter Leaf lower blood sugar?

If a person has the first signs of diabetes, a decoction of Bitter leaf helps to reduce the blood sugar level. This tool refers to the traditional medicine.

The fact is that Bitter leaf contains such elements as herbal substances. They can reduce blood sugar level. Also, Bitter leaves are widely used, if a person is a broken tolerance to glucose.

Can Bitter Leaf reduce sugar level?

Find below a list of several Bitter leaves recipes, which will help to deal with diabetes. Remember: the infusion should be done only with the high quality of leaves, without any spots.

bitter leaf

The first recipe

Take ten Bitter leaves, put in a bowl and pour three cups of boiling water. Wrap the pan and wait for two to three minutes, until the leaves infusion. Make the broth for half an hour before meals, 100 ml each day. Before applying, you need to determine the level of blood sugar. After a course of treatment in some cases, it may be possible to reduce the portions of insulin and ant diabetic drugs.

The second recipe

You need to take 15 Bay leaves and cover with cold water (300 ml). Bring the water to a boil and wait five minutes. Now you can remove the broth from heat and pour it into the thermos cup. It needs to infuse for at least three hours. After that, the soup to drink all day in small portions, until you drink all. The procedure can be repeated in two weeks – and if required, another two.

The third recipe

Pour into a bowl 1 liter of water and bring to a boil. Then add five Bitter leaves and a cinnamon stick. Boiling for another 15 minutes let the decoction to cool. Every day we need to make a Cup of broth, the treatment will work for three days. At this time it is strictly forbidden to take alcohol. Also, this recipe will be helpful for weight loss.

bitter leaf


It should be noted that Bitter leaves may not be the safest plant in the world. It may even be toxic if used in too high doses.

Pregnant women are not recommended to take medication by Bitter leaf, as it helps to reduce the uterus, and this, in turn, can lead to premature birth. Also, the Bitter leaf is contraindicated to those people who suffer from renal insufficiency, lactating mothers.

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