Can cancer be cured naturally?

People are wondering: ‘can cancer be cured naturally’. Do the doctors use these methods? Why aren’t they as wide-spread as chemotherapy? You’ll find all the answers right now.

Can cancer be cured by herbs

In modern society, there is a stereotype that the cancer needs to be treated just with chemotherapy, but few people know that chemotherapy does not cure cancer, but only exacerbates the situation of people and brings tremendous harm to the body. Can cancer be cured by herbs? Can cancer cured naturally? Yes, but everything must be performed only according to the doctors’ recommendations.

Is cancer cured naturally?

Can cancer be cured

Even if completely healthy person takes a few sessions of chemotherapy, he immediately feels a catastrophic deterioration of health; there will be a terrible weakness, dizziness, hair will start to fall nausea and vomiting can suddenly appear. If the dose of chemicals will be higher than needed, the completely healthy person can die, and then what should we say about cancer patients, whose immune system is lowered? Chemotherapy is poison to any person. The higher dose of the poison, the more damage, less poison – less harm, but it is still only harm!

Chemotherapy causes liver damage kidneys, lungs, heart and even bone marrow. Initial treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy can reduce tumor size. However, their long-term use never leads to the destruction of the tumor and complete recovery.

Chemotherapy causes

Why, then, is this treatment so popular? The answer to this question is obvious. The oncologists have learned only this technique: to use powerful chemotherapy and radiation to cut that hurts. Surgery is also dangerous because can lead to the spread of cancer cells to other places, the cause of the disease is not been eliminated.

But most oncologists emphatically prove the correctness of the data treatments and deny any facts of effectiveness of alternative and natural therapies, because they have to ‘protect their investment’ and get at least any result. They get good money for each chemotherapy. And if people will use natural and effective methods of treatment and prevention of cancer, doctors just will have no work to do. So do not be surprised if they put pressure on you, intimidate and actively enforce their services. Be smart and learn all the details.

the problem of cancer

In fact, the problem of cancer is wound and greatly exaggerated. Cancer is not such a terrible disease, how it is described by the doctors and the media. With proper treatment, the cancer can be cured at any stage! Of course, the sooner treatment is found, the better and easier it will be to become healthy again, and with the right way of life, you will never meet the same problem.

Whole nations in 7, or sometimes 60 times less often get cancer. And hundreds of years ago, people did not know what cancer was. And even if they got ill, they died from cancer less often than Westerners. Heredity affects only 15%, the rest depends on lifestyle. And if we change the diet, increase physical activity, reduce the maximum contact with the chemicals, including household chemicals and perfumes, carefully will treat our spiritual life, we can minimize the possibility of the terrible disease.

the body cells

Everyone has the body cells, from which the tumor may develop. And the way we live feeds cancer or supporting protection mechanisms to prevent proliferation of cancer cells. And recent scientific research suggest that, yes, the disease can be stopped, not even by destroying cancer cells, but simply preventing the body to improve the tumor growth.

In the wild animals do not get cancer at all! But domesticated animals that are by fed boiled porridge, boiled meat, bread and natural specialized feeds often get cancer, as well as modern humans.

What you should not do

secret of human health

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  • the true secret of human health is a strong natural immunity. If a person's immune system is strong, the cancer cells will not be able to reproduce and the tumor is destroyed. To boost immunity, you just need not to interfere with the body to function properly. An effective way to fight cancer cells is to ensure that they died of starvation. That is not to feed them foods they need to multiply.
  • do not poison the blood with alcohol;
  • do not poison yourself with cigarette smoke, which settles on human lung;

Cancer ‘eats’ mucus

  • stop using dead animals (meat). Meat protein is difficult to be digested and requires large amounts of enzyme. Not digested meat remaining in the intestines is decomposed and leads to large savings toxic. The walls of cancer cells have a tough protein covering. Giving up meat or reducing its consumption releases enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells, allowing cancer cells to die;
  • do not use adhesive, heavy food that clogs the intestines, blood and mucus, lymphatic system. Milk, eggs, and foods with a high starch content cause mucus production organism, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer ‘eats’ mucus;
  • exclude foods made with white flour, sugar, potatoes, all crunchy flakes, potato and corn from the diet.

Healthy diet

Healthy diet

Well, what is worth taking for a cancer patient instead of all this? Choosing healing means are large enough:

1. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which are not cooked with heat. Fresh juice retains enzymes that are readily absorbed and reaches the level of the cell for 15 minutes to feed healthy cells, accelerating their growth. Also, the juice is a powerful detergent organism. Only in a few days juices replaces enema different methods of purification of gastrointestinal tract, which significantly facilitates the immune system;

2. Fresh ripe fruits should make up most of the diet of people who want to be healthy and get rid of the cancer. Eat those fruits that you like and as much as you want;

3. Fresh vegetables are also very useful for cancer patients. It is better to eat more fresh salad of finely chopped cabbage, grated carrots, onions, cucumbers, than eat cooked food on the fire;

Healthy diet kills cancer

4. Nuts, wheat germ, green buckwheat, oats, rye, etc. In a day it is desirable to eat not more than 150 grams of them instead of cooked cereals. They can be added to salads or eaten alone or you can avoid them at all. The lower use of proteins, the more intense will be the healing process and purification of the body, and soon there will be a full recovery, but when you really want something ‘fat’, it is best to eat nuts or seeds than to eat eggs, fish, meat, cereal or bread;

5. It is better not to eat boiled and steamed vegetables at all. Especially potatoes, they are rich in starch, causing the appearance of mucus in the body, which both feed the cancer cells. But if you cannot completely abandon cooked food, sometimes you can put out the cabbage, carrots, onions, bell pepper, but 90-100% of your diet should be fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Therefore, your diet should be completely vegan, in compliance with the principles of the cancer diet. More you can read about it in different books and in web, where you can find treatment of various diseases of thousands of people. More people are already aware of the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Positive and negative thinking

Positive and negative thinking

Also, it is necessary to say a few words about the positive and negative thinking. Numerous studies have shown that depression reduces immunity. Long-term negative condition is bad for our health. Not surprisingly, a strong negative state such as depression will depress the immune system.

But the opposite is true: the positive state is useful for us and our body. For example, according to one study, people who watched television comedy, had an increase of immunity, which is determined by the content of antibodies in saliva that help defend against colds infections. Increased immunity lasted for one hour. For those people who said that they often use humor as a tool against stress, the average content of these antibodies were consistently at a higher level. Humor heals! There are a lot of cases where people used only method of positive thinking and recovered from cancer, but here you need to constantly monitor your thoughts and guide them in the right direction, which is not always as easy as it may seem.

 cancer is cured

British scientists at the University of Glamorgan has recently published the findings of their research on the basis of which it becomes clear that with age a person loses a sense of humor, first stops laughing, and then even to smile. For example, small children laugh more than three hundred times a day, teens and twenty years - is only 6 times a day, and young people under thirty years even rarer - 4 times.

After forty years, the ability to enjoy life, and thus to perceive reality correctly, ie with humor, people catastrophically falls, and after almost 50 years of a person laughs, but only sometimes mimics laughter, pretending that he was having fun.

 cancer will be cured

 If you combine positive thinking with the right diet, the recovery rate is increased many times over! It is well-known that as a result of a healthy diet the person gets back the sense of humor and ability to laugh. But it is the most important indicator of the miraculous effects of raw food per person. Raw food at any age may regain a sense of humor; the world is literally blooms for them! Yoga also reduces stress levels in patients, so has a positive influence on the immune system.

Cold water

Cold water

Among other things, pouring cold water very raises the immunity and heals the body very well. Pouring ice water jumps to the body temperature of 42 degrees, thus strongly activates immune cells and all muck in the body until the cancer cells, and is destroyed thereafter excreted in urine.

pour cold water

Do you want to not be afraid of the flu, a bad environment and cancer - pour cold water twice a day. Do not be afraid of exacerbation of chronic disease at the beginning of douches, continue to pour, day after day, so get to the hidden disease, and full recovery can sometimes occur in two months. Daily pouring with ice water cured from cancer hundreds of people. And they created a wellness system, where they continue to heal brave and strong-willed people. They just put aside their fear of cold, simply acting in the right direction, and the disease recedes.


starvation is effective

Practice shows that the starvation is effective against cancer in most cases. Experts agree that the approach to the choice of method should be individualized. The application of the method requires the determination of the patient and focus on results. At the same time does not stand stubbornly withstand the planned period of abstinence when any pain began, or even fainting, you can get out fast, so recover and only after 2-3 months to repeat.

Best results are obtained by dry abstinence (without food and water), and one person can get them for 5 days, and the other - for 7, it all depends on its constitution, the individual characteristics and condition of the blood vessels. The technique of dry fasting consists of three stages: preparation, self-abstinence and withdrawal from starvation. All stages are very important, non-compliance can not only nullify all the efforts, but also harm.

serious use of the treatmen

Therefore, the proposed approach is the serious use of the treatment, and it is better to conduct it under the supervision of a specialist. In addition, severely malnourished patients cannot starve, because they have too little of their own resources. Sometimes a single period of abstinence is not enough, and then it is repeated or carried out several cycles in a cascade of fasting. The duration of one continuous period of fasting for cancer patients should not exceed 10 days in a row, otherwise you undermine your vitality. You must use a cleansing enema; it will speed up the excretion of toxic substances and reduce the poisoning of the body.

And, of course, a powerful tool for healing cancer is starvation. However, you should certainly be careful with it and get all the recommendations from your doctor first.

Vitamin B2 is the cancer ‘killer’

B2 is the cancer ‘killer’

European scientists have been able to destroy the cancer with the help of vitamin B2. The result is an innovative therapy, which is simply phenomenal: the tumor is reduced by 90 percent. Soon, the researchers plan to begin clinical trials of a new ‘vitamin technique’, in collaboration with doctors from the Cancer Research Center.

The fact that cancer cells absorb huge amounts of B2, has long been known. However, the question was how to use it. It could not be solved for a long time. The fact is that ‘excited’ vitamin can produce reactive oxygen and other corrosive compounds, tumoricidal.

Vitamin B2

But the achieving it is not so simple: B2 needs to be irradiated with ultraviolet light (or light blue), which does not penetrate deep into the tissue.

Elegant solution was found. The researchers injected the first nanoparticles with molecules of vitamin into the affected organism with cancer and irradiated it with a laser. These particles are special. They can transform a weak infrared light, harmless to humans, but penetrates deep in tissues with the ultraviolet. As soon as they begin to emit photons in a desired range, vitamin B2 is ‘excited’ and begins to destroy the tumor.

So far, studies were conducted in mice, which had a human cancer. A one-time entry of nanoparticles led to the inhibition of tumor cell growth and reduced tumor volume by 90 per cent - said a senior researcher of ‘Crystallography and photonics’. Mechanism of B2 accumulation in tumor cells is not fully clear. Most likely, this is due to the fact that its division rate much higher than in healthy cells. This is what leads to the fact that the tumor acts as ‘love’ vitamin.

fish dish

To reduce the fear of the unknown, here is a brief description of what usually a man feels in the days of fasting. On the first day there is hunger due to skipping the usual meals, it is accompanied by irritability. The second day, many are also experiencing difficulties. On the third day a man is surprised to find a sense of lightness and lack of hunger, sometimes even it becomes unpleasant to look at food. With the second and third and the fifth day of fasting there may appear mild weakness and dizziness, and then everything goes and comes to a clarification - the person feels more energetic and stronger. Some may feel cold, so it is important to keep your feet warm. Some patients get a continuation of the hunger strike until you see again the feeling of hunger or pain, dizziness, that purely individual. When there are some of these symptoms, you need to stop and get out of starvation.

The world-renowned nutritionist Herbert Shelton wrote that the best way to ‘kill’ cancer is fasting raw food because cooked food ‘is feeding the tumor’. Official methods it recommend of the hunger with the juices and salads from raw grated vegetables.

useful Vitamin B2

Cancer treatment needs to include the raw food diet, juicing, fasting, positive thinking, and hardening of the body. And hope that cancer will disappear as if it has never been. The main thing is to take responsibility for your health yourself, to feel that you can do it, and then quietly go toward longevity and freedom from disease. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations and tips. And let this article help heal those who sincerely wish it!

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