Can constipation cause back pain?

The majority of patients get accustomed to the fact that delays of defecation acts often cause discomfort in the abdomen. Sometimes they have constipation and as a result - back pain. There is nothing strange in this.

back pain

At a delay of acts of defecation, hard stool in large quantities is accumulated in the intestines, bursting it, and begin to put pressure on internal organs.

Herein lies the cause of the discomfort that can be localized in the lumbar region and the coccyx, or put pressure on internal organs, such as kidneys. Everything depends on in what part of the intestine was the largest accumulation of hardened feces.

back pain

Often there is a pain in the back and the navel. Constipation preceding these sensations indicates that fecal accumulation occurred in the small intestine. Such feelings are the most dangerous to humans because they can indicate the occurrence of an intestinal obstruction in this section of the digestive tract.

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In the case of constipation during pain in the back and abdomen, localized at the level of the navel, you urgently need diagnostic study, which will help eliminate the dangerous reasons.

Do not ignore the discomfort in the lower back. If any form of symptoms occurs the treatment to the doctor is necessary.

back pain

In the case where a person has long constipation and sore kidneys, also need to consult a specialist. The emergence of this kind of discomfort radiating to the back, the lumbar region, reflects not only the stagnation of feces, but also about possible inflammatory diseases of the kidney. In this situation, treatment is prescribed by a urologist, as to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.

It is best to give preference to broths and teas from herbs that have laxative properties.

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