Can constipation cause fever?

Constipation is defined medically as fewer than three stools per week and severe constipation as less than one stool per week. Can constipation cause a fever? Read the article to learn more.

Is a frequent question which patients ask the doctors about constipation problems.

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Can constipation cause a fever?

For an adult, this combination is quite a rare syndrome. In that case, if it appears, the doctors can diagnose the development of severe pathology in the digestive tract.

Most often such a situation is a symptom of diverticulitis. Do not put off visiting a doctor if you notice such negative signs. In this case, only the quick diagnosis and prescribing the adequate treatment will work. It will help to cope with the pathology in the digestive tract and to return the patient to the usual level of life.


If adult constipation following by a high fever, and abdominal pain,  these signs should be dealt with only by a specialist. The doctor will be able by the nature of the resulting negative symptoms to identify the presence of concomitant disease and prescribe the necessary examinations.

High fever, constipation, abdominal pain are observed by the experts as chronic disorders of the gut. A regular intoxication can be a result of entering into the bloodstream the toxins released during the decomposition of stagnated fecal material.


Prolonged constipation always negatively affects the general condition of the patient and violates both its life and efficiency. To prevent the rising temperature during the illness, one should learn to avoid situations that cause long-lasting damage to the bowel causing the fever. Among these violations, it can be a diet and an effect on human psycho-emotional factors.

If the temperature rises simultaneously with constipation, it can be a symptom of having IBS. The IBS pathology is the most frequent cause of the occurrence of such symptoms. It is important to work out factors that provoke the development of the disease, and prescribe the methods of effective treatment.

Such a strategy will help many patients to take emergency measures while the occurrence of negative signs.

It is not quite typical for this pathology but maybe in some cases of a heavy intoxication.


Constipation causes fever in child

Constipation with infants can only be under certain conditions. For breastfed children – illness is quite reasonable. 

It is healthy for children up to one year. The temperature with the kids under one year may be slightly different. Thus, the temperature of approximately 37.5 C should not cause concern if there are any other complaints.


Constipation causes fever in schoolchildren

It is the most complicated case. Constipation at this age is a sign of violation of the mode of nutrition, mode of activity or any other serious illness.

Constipation in the children of school age – can be both a symptom and cause of the disease. Constipation plus temperature: the first thing you need to pay attention and to exclude as a diagnosis, shared and insidious appendicitis. As a matter of fact, the temperature rise after prolonged constipation can indicate diseases such as pyelonephritis. Don't be surprised, but the relationship is very close! A child can be diagnosed with a fever and nausea according to the results of urine analysis and ultrasound. The first question the doctor will ask you is about the pain presence. And the second issue: How often, does your child have constipation? The doctor will try to exclude the case of pyelonephritis.


To round up

Here the answer is unequivocal. The temperature is only due to constipation can rise. Illness and fever are symptoms of serious diseases, most likely related to the gastrointestinal tract. A patient should be thoroughly investigated by the specialists to determine the cause.

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