Can hair dye cause hair loss?

Hair coloring is almost an integral procedure. Today it is very difficult to imagine a girl who has never in her life coloured her hair. With this procedure, you can select any image and also colour your hair in natural color. However, on the way to perfection there are certain obstacles:dye can provoke breakage and be the main cause of hair loss.

  Despite the fact that hair dye is one of the most thoroughly studied consumer products, many women notice that after coloring the hair fall out more rapidly.

  Unfortunately, there is no tools for coloring hair, even the most expensive will not help you avoid damage to the hair structure.

  So what to do if hair fall out after coloring? How to avoid the negative impact of dye on the hair and scalp? The answer is simple - do not color the hair!

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Hair structure:

  Human hair consists of three layers: the inner, middle and outer. Natural color depends on the pigment, which is incorporated genetically at birth. This pigment is in the middle layer. As a result, color pigments coloring dyestuff penetrate inside the middle layer, and there interact with natural pigments. After that curls get a new color.

  The following is quite obvious: artificial pigments to get to the middle layer, it is necessary to overcome the outer layer. Due to damage to the hair structure, namely because of the disclosure of the flakes. In healthy hair scales are always closed, as they perform a protective function.

Types of dyes:

  Paint of short action. This group includes various coloring shampoos and balms. These means don't contain either ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. They cover after the drawing a hair with an invisible layer, color can become slightly brighter, lighter or darker than own. Strong changes of color to such paints not in power. After the first two times of washing of the head color will begin to grow dull. At desire, in case of an unsuccessful experiment, he can be washed away completely. Firmness and a careful staining aren't property of similar paints, but and problems in the form of a hair loss to you it isn't necessary to test.

  Color of continuous action. It contains the minimum quantity of ammonia. As a result hair radically won't change. A limit are one or two tones are lighter/darker. In case of such coloration the question of drop-out is practically not necessary. It is more sparing option on comparing with resistant colors. But also color will keep less. In case of each washing of the head also the coloring particles which are poorly fixed in a hair because of the insignificant content of ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen will be washed.

  Constant paints. The composition of such paints, as a rule, includes ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen. These elements provide firmness of color and its maximum transfer. Ideal option for a gray hair or for those cases when cardinal change of color is necessary. Aniline derivatives together with peroxide of hydrogen lock artificial pigments in a hair. Ammonia promotes preservation of color. But he has also one more task – together with peroxide of hydrogen decolours natural color of own pigments of a hair.

Why ammonia is so dangerous?

   Ammonia Ph, it is ammonium hydroxide, it is extremely high, about 11.5. Therefore at contact with him hair cuticles reveals, and the painting pigments get inside, deep in structure of a hair. Within a month color isn't washed away, but hair have the real stress. Ammonia causes failure in development of a tirozin and melanin, namely the hair color and their healthy look depends on these substances. After coloring not only natural color, but also gloss, and elasticity of ringlets disappears.

  Ammonium hydroxide also causes violations in work of sebaceous glands. As a result after coloring head skin becomes dry, hair receive less moisture and nutrients, become thinner, their appearance worsens. Besides for a time ammonia renders the same effect, as well as on hair scales: they reveal. Toxic elements get inside, damaging not only roots of a hair, but also being carried together with blood through the organism. Therefore pregnant women aren't recommended to use ammoniac paints during their interesting situation.

  Hydrogen peroxide, incidentally, also has a devastating effect. It "kills" the natural color due to the fact that oxygen is included in its composition, it reacts with natural pigments. As a result, hair becomes porous and spongy. If to abuse the procedure of coloring or not to observe a proportion, hair can just be burned.

  In conclusion we can say that harmless hair dyes, long retains color does not exist.

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