Can heavy alcohol use Increase prostate cancer risk?

What are the causes of heavy alcohol? How may heavy alcohol abuse increase your risks for prostate cancer? Read the article to find out!

Can your alcohol abuse increase a prostate cancer risk? So, alcohol is no good friend to any part of the body and especially for this part. It leads not only to cancer but also to inability to potency or in other words, to perform sex function. According to researchers from University of California San Francisco, heavy alcohol users have the twice probability of getting a prostate cancer. Therefore, if you or your friends is likely to abuse alcohol, then try to illuminate this bad habit. Moreover, it`s necessary to visit a doctor if there are any effects from the alcohol. It works not only with prostate but also with other parts of the body.

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The University of California published in Journal Cancer a special research about direr consequences of alcohol abuse. There are more than ten thousand men participated in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial. According to these tests, the heavy drinkers (according to research criteria, heavy drinkers are people who use more than 50gm of alcohol per day. It means drinking more than four drinks per day on five days of the weak) diagnosed at least twice greater chances to have a prostate cancer. Therefore, at least 50gm of alcohol per day may kill your healthy life.

Researches also compared other results connecting with the treatment of the chances of prostate cancer for heavy alcohol users on placebo basis and regular medicine basis. The placebo may have a slight effect on the alcohol users. Nevertheless, if they get rid of this massive abuse, it may result in 50% more chances not to get a prostate cancer. In the same time, patients who used regular medicine pills but continued to consume alcohol showed only 43% of chances to not get a prostate cancer. The last group of patients stopped drinking alcohol and started to drink pills. The results were tremendous, at least 90% of not getting risk cancer.

What are the risks of alcohol and prostate cancer? The most drastic consequences for not getting rid of them is death. Other effects are obvious! Alcohol abusers have greater risks of getting any disease, not only a prostate cancer. By consuming alcohol in large portions, men provide a slow and painful suicide action. There are still not enough researches upon effects of alcohol on the human body. Nevertheless, there are some certain chances that by drinking too much, a person just plays in the Russian Roulette.

The total results of alcohol abusers connecting with a prostate cancer are dreadful. Therefore, if a person drinks more than 50 mg a day for five days in the row, he can get at least twice more chances to get a prostate cancer. If a person tries to get rid of this bad habit and sticks to the placebo effect, then the chances of getting the prostate cancer can be reduced by 50%. Nevertheless, much greater chances of not getting this kind of disease may be for a person who killed the alcohol habit and started using medicine pills. However, the studies showed new reasons for not becoming an alcoholic, so getting some more problems with a prostate can add more fear.


I really don’t understand why many men like alcohol that much! I am serious guys, alcohol isn’t that good..and it is very dangerous for our health, the doc recommended me to quit smoking and drinking, also, he recommended me to eat healthy including fruits, vegetables and avoiding red meat and after taking it for 4 months the result has been great! I am happy

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