Can herbalists cure Zika virus?

Is there a cure for Zika virus found by herbalists in Nigeria? Find out now.

Can herbalists cure Zika virus

Recently an annual clinical trial summit was held in Abuja, Nigeria. Doctors reported about the cure found for the modern day plague. A pharmacist and a herbalist Ben Amodu made the report. He stated that more and more people resort to herbal drugs for treatment.

He has found something capable for curing Ebola and Zika (according to his words). The question is: is it possible? Well, logically we can suppose that the local region can provide adequate treatment for the diseases originated in it.

Zika virus

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God has provided us with all we need for life. So, it’s a good idea to search locally among the plants and other sources for possible cures and remedies. However, clinical testing and drug development is way beyond the abilities of local herbalists. In most cases such “cures” are fake and lead to losing human lives in a vain hope.


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