Can High Coffee Intake Cause Auditory Hallucinations?

Have you ever thought that high coffee intake can lead to the appearance of the auditory hallucinations? Read the article and find some useful information on the coffee effects on the body.


Australian scientists have found that drinking coffee has detrimental effect on the human psyche. According to them, only five cups of coffee a day is enough to ensure that people begin to see, or hear the hallucinations. Scientists say that it is actually the beginning of psychosis and auditory hallucinations. Scientists dispelled the myth that coffee HELPS TO WAKE UP


This scientists came to this conclusion after an experiment. Having given different amounts of coffee to volunteers, they were forced to listen to the "white noise" and to hear a song in it. During these inhuman experimenters half of the participants weren't even given the headphones.

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That is, the people listened to the silence and at the same time perfectly heared it, of course, not the silence, but a very specific song. These were the people who drank a lot of coffee!

Referring to the test results, the scientists say that daily stress plus five cups of coffee - is a true road to auditory hallucinations, which can then cause a nervous breakdown, and even psychosis.

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In the brain, there is a special substance adenosine, which is produced in the process of metabolism. It slows down the impulses of neurons, protecting us from the mental overload. Number of adenosine depends on age, time of day, fatigue, etc. So caffeine - it is anti-adenosine. It on the contrary forces neurons to emit impulses more often, that makes the brain works. It is sometimes useful, but, you know, the less adenosine in the brain you have, the more is the pressure. It can lead to tragic consequences - psychic overload and nervous breakdowns.

Note that caffeine can help headaches, provided that the pain is - due to the enlarged, dilated vessels. In this case, caffeine narrows vessels and relieves pain.

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