Can homeopathy cure male infertility?

Some couples may suffer from infertility problems. Male and female infertility is a huge problem for many couples. How can homeopathy treat infertility?

When people get married, they sooner or later meet the fact of having a baby. There is no real family without a baby. Nevertheless, if a couple tried sexual intercourse for six months or more without using any protection, then it would be granted a probability of male or female infertility. Unfortunately, around fifteen percent of couples bump into issues of infertility. In some cases, it can be a reason for a divorce or other problems. Men and women face the problems of infertility in more or less similar way. The main topic of the discussion for inner self could be a question like: “I`m not a woman if I can`t bring a child to this world,” “I`m not a man if I can`t bring a child to this world.” Fortunately, in most of the cases female and male infertility is totally curable.

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What is infertility?

It the language of science it can be defined as the inability of a person to conceive a child, due to biological issues. The chances of infertility can be variable and happen in many biological cases. Most of them connected with medicine aspect. According to researches made by the USA New York University, the cases of male infertility are forty percent. While women infertility issues also include forty percent. In twenty percent of cases, the infertility is caused by complications remained in both parents. Therefore, when couples face infertility, they usually tend to have quite forty percent of chances that the reason is one of them and twenty percent of chances that the reason lies in both of them.

Therefore, people who tried to conceive a child for six months or more without any effect should get tested. Sometimes it`s not easy for both spouses to visit a doctor. Nevertheless, at least one of them should be courage enough to get each other tested. It`s needed to find the root of the problem, why spouses can`t conceive a child. The most common reason for male infertility is bad quality of sperm. In the same time, women have the more wide range of infertility reasons.

Return to treatment of infertility

The treatment tools of infertility are quite various. Unfortunately, there are massive problems with male and female infertility. Therefore, the remedies from this panacea are widely propagated. Nevertheless, it`s true that according to reasons of infertility, you may expect any treatment from that. It can be a separate tool or a combination of devices, surgery, medications. You may also try hormonal treatment to destroy and correct any misbalance in your body hormones. Surgery is also quite a choice to get rid of infertility, but not everyone is ready to be cut even by professional. One of the main decision for infertility for women can be the removal of uterine fibroids. Nevertheless, there are much more tools to treat infertility in both male and female. Therefore, it would be needed to destroy some infertility issues for both partners in one time.

All these measures are tested in clinics and most widely recommended. Nevertheless, all of them have side effects, so it would be a nice time to choose what is better. To conceive a child or to get rid of infertility.  One of the obvious examples of infertility treatment is In Vitrio Fertilization (IVF). Still, it`s a high chance reason of ectopic pregnancies. This condition is defined in circumstances when the embryo gets stuck in the Fallopian tubes when it needed to be placed in Uterus. Moreover, there is a high possibility of multiple pregnancies. Hormone treatment also has various side effects. One of them is a total misbalance of hormones. It`s provided by the idea that man becomes too much of man and his sperm may work inaccurately. Women may obtain some males features due to tries of the body to get the balance of hormones in the normal position. Nevertheless, there are some treatment tools that may interfere with no side effects. It may effectively rectify at least ninety percent of sperm abnormalities. Therefore, couples may achieve ninety percent of chances of getting pregnant. These results can be achieved with using of homeopathic diseases. Therefore, almost no side effects from homeopathic treatment are located right now.

What is the homeopathic approach to treating infertility?

The homeopathic tool of treatment infertility is a quite obvious reason to get rid of the problem. The treatment includes various steps, like the complaints which presented in the patient. It also takes into the attention the symptoms of infertility. Unique physical features of a person together with the mental and genetic issue of every individualized person. One of the great reasons to use this kind of infertility treatment is the ability of the homeopathic approach to illuminate the root of ailment effectively. It can easily locate deviation issues in hormone system and effectively change it to the normalcy. You would glad to stick to the homeopathic treatment as simple procedures would be more pleasant for than common treatment of issues connected with infertility. Moreover, it helps completely illuminate painful and dreadful procedures connected with medicine devices, invasive procedures. Moreover, it gives ninety percent of chances for conceiving with no side effects. One of the great achievements of hormonal treatment is the ability to maintain high sperm rate even after the end of the treatment. The medicine is definitely easy for consuming purposes as it only consists of drops and pills.

The Homeopathic treatment of infertility is documented and scientifically proved by various institutes. Some doctors may share experience throughout the internet. One of the doctors shared the story about his patient who was treated. The main patience reason for infertility was Polycystic Ovarian Disorder combined with irregular menstrual cycle. If it`s not enough, she also had rheumatic pain for more than ten years. She also tried some other treatments connected with female infertility. The doctor after careful examination of her psychological, physical and genetic backgrounds, composed a homeopathic treatment for her. The first results were seen in forty days resulting in reduced pain. The regular menstruation cycle started in four months. On the eights month of the treatment she perfectly conceived a child.

Treatment approach with homeopathy

It`s not an easy way to acknowledge the fact that one of the spouses or both of them can`t conceive a child. Men and women deal with tremendous amount of changes upon knowing the shocking results of infertility fact. Therefore, it`s proven that infertility is combined with tremendous psychologic effect which can lead to depression. In many cultures, the inability to conceive a child was defined as a damnation for society. The person who has such a problem even in the modern society can feel rejected and left with the problem, which can lead to depression, anxiety and anger. According to various researches, stress can be named as one of the main reasons of infertility in male and female. Therefore, the homeopathic treatment should be planned for every person individually, according to the present situation in one’s life.  Therefore, the homeopath specialist understands the illness and stress problems and plan the treatment separately for each individual. The plan understands emotional, mental and spiritual conditions of the patient. Therefore, this infertility treatment becomes a great example and option for which people desire to follow. It addresses to the root of the problem on deep level, even spiritual. The homeopath doctor provides a treatment connected with a real problem of infertility connected to the individual person. These problems are stresses, pains, anxieties…

There is no type of before homeopathic treatment or inquiries. Any human being who faced the problem with infertility can ask advice from a homeopath. Any person who tried other types of treatment with no results, also welcome to ask a homeopath for help. Homeopathy medicine can be easily combined with other treatment methods. Nevertheless, if you desire to get more accurate treatment from a homeopath, you should inform about other types of remedies which you have used.

The oral homeopathic treatment therapy can help couples to conceive naturally.  The therapy can help in treatment of sperm and eggs abnormalities. According to homeopathy rules, patients can be categorized in several categories, like couples with defects in one of the person, couples with multiple defects in one of the couples, couples where both people have defects. There is also a possibility that neither of the persons have defects, but conceiving is still not possible. Nevertheless, it still appears that there are no visible defects in both parents. The defects can be various, like revitalizing and rejuvenation of reproductive system of one or both of partners, low quality and quantity of sperm, obesity, early menarche, reduced levels of testosterone, menses cycles continuing irregularly, poor pregnancy or miscarriage – all of this can be a defining reason for infertility of partners. Nevertheless, everything can be treated accordingly to medicine rules.

Male sperm abnormality

One of the first and most common problems for men infertility is Necarozoospermia or in other words – non-viability of spermatozoids, do not misunderstood that with immobility of sperm. Aspermia in general can be defined by many patterns, like nocturnal emissions, functional obstruction of ejaculatory ducts, seminal vesicle cyst. Obstructive Azoospermia can be caused by various reasons for men. It`s connected with body or cauda of the epididymis (generally connected with non-specific infection or tuberculosis). It also connected with the obstruction of ejaculatory dust. Sometimes, it can be caused by post-surgical obstruction, like inguinal or hydrocele hernia repair.

Non-obstructive Azoospermia is defined by incomplete or defective spermatogenesis. This pathological condition is likely to identify by post mumps orchitis, post chemotherapy, atrophy and fibrosis, Chronic epidymoorchitis. These conditions are all curable in men infertility, it also needed to take into the consideration history of pelvic floor muscles, hormone disturbance, spinal cords injuries and sphincters during ejaculation or erection. These issues are able to provide no confidence in healthy fertility and conceiving. The homeopathic remedies can cure and improve sperms` quantity and quality which can be a production for poor infertility or poor embryo. The individualized homeopathic therapy can easily and with chances of ninety percent improve the count of sperm, its mobility parameters, quality which leads to the improving of conceiving chances and libido.

Females infertility

As it was mentioned earlier, female infertility is more wide and complicated. It`s needed to start with factors of female infertility. Uterine factors are connected with cysts, fibroids and polyps. The endometrial factors are connected with inflammatory infections. The tubal factors are connected with predispositions of chronic inflammations. The ovarian dysfunction factors are connected with pelvic and cysts adhesions in lower ovarian stimulation. The oral homeopathic remedies can treat these kind of disabilities to stimulate and improve ovum. The cervical hostility factors are connected with poor mucus mal position and scarring. The common causes of male and female infertility are managed in determination with help of homeopathic remedies. The infertility causes are to be treated accordingly to medicine standards which leads to rejuvenation and revaluation of reproductive systems. It`s primary impotent to treat infertility in both partners. One of top priority of male and female infertility in homeopathic treatment is obesity. Obesity can be the main reason of hormone misbalance, sexual dysfunction and weak erection.

Final words about Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy treatment can work in both male and female infertility by next ways:

  • Homeopathy regulates balance of hormones in the body. It also helps to normalize menstrual cycles and improves ovulation cycles of women. It helps in improving and enhancing of count and mobility of spermatozoids, normalizes morphology with tools for natural stimulation of the body.
  • It helps with stresses, disturbances and mood collisions. Therefore, it can easily help to treat male and female infertility through a healthy balance in psychological way.
  • Emotional blockage is one of the main reasons for not conceiving. Homeopathy remedies helps to work out and live through emotions.
  • Some fertility treatments may have side effects. Therefore, homeopathy remedies can easily work and cure side effects of fertility treatment.

Therefore, it`s needed to point out the main advantages of homeopathic treatment in curing female and male infertility. One of the first reasons to use this kind of treatment is science approval. It means there are tests and researches which can back up homeopathy treatment. The second option is high chance of conceiving for couples, it`s estimated by ninety percent chances of conceiving after homeopathy treatment. The third positive aspect of the treatment is no side effects. Where in other types of treatment you are expected to decide to stay healthy or sacrifice your body for a child, homeopathic remedies will not give you any kind of bad choices. Homeopaths use an individualized treatment for every patient on basis of psychology, medical background, moral aspects, physical aspects. They provide completely individual type of infertility treatment for every patient. Homeopathic remedies can easily help with treating of side effects gained by other treatments.


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