Can Homeopathy Treat Epilepsy?

Homeopathy, or homeopathic medicine, is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself. But does it work in reality and how? In this article, we have answers to all the questions you want to ask.

Complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of epilepsy

Complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of epilepsy

It is estimated that today up to 80 percent of the world population uses allopathic medicine or modern medicine to treat their illnesses. However, a significant portion of these people (two-thirds) occasionally uses natural products such as plants and traditional treatments, which are considered to be alternative (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc.).

This traditional use of alternative treatments is even more spread in developing countries such as Latin America and especially among people with chronic diseases such as epilepsy. But in some countries, it is so popular, due to dissatisfaction with medical treatment or lack of access to them, either by economic constraints, through ignorance or superstition about epilepsy, the influence of charlatans and sometimes b because of poor educational levels.

we must not ignore that allopathic medicine

However, we must not ignore that allopathic medicine. It has its origins in some cultures such as Ayurveda in India, in China Acupuncture and Kampo in Japan. In Europe, these medicines are known as complementary and not as "alternative," as they are used more often as a complement to allopathic medicine.

It is common for people to think, that treatments and alternative medicines are safer than allopathic and that do not have side effects. Unfortunately, some of the alternative treatments are fraud and ineffective, as well as having the potential to cause complications of the patient’s health.

There may be four “sad” consequences after alternative treatments:

There may be four “sad” consequences after alternative treatments:

First of all, it can be harmless, because of having unknown interactions with AEDs.

Secondly, some practices and substances may be risky to have undesirable side effects or interactions; even some plants fall into this category.

Thirdly, such substances or practices may be useless to control some types of seizures. There are patients, who can fully recover for a time and get rid of stress, practice yoga, for example.

Fourthly, its effect may be simply unknown.

Fourthly, its effect may be simply unknown.

So is homeopathy treatment good for epilepsy or not?

Definitely yes. Because all the drugs and substances used in the homeopathy treatment of epilepsy come from plants, minerals and animal products. They are very safe and easy in application and have no side effects. Also, such preparations are compatible with any other medication. However, doctors always recommend combining homeopathic treatment with pharmacological medication.

For receiving a strong prescription, it is necessary to understand what characterizes each type of epilepsy and what makes it different from the others.

, it is necessary to understand what characterizes each type of epilepsy

A person, who suffers from epilepsy, must remember what causes or triggers the seizure, what symptoms have the patient during the convulsive period. You need to be individualized for each patient and understand what is significant, unique or different in each attack.

Treatment applied in homeopathy

If the patient suffers from involvement screams, select one from these: Causticum, Cina, Cuprum, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Lachesis, Mercurius, Nux vomica, Stramonium, or Zinc. And when the patient is afraid of water we may use Belladonna and Stramonium.

A face expression is also paramount, as Belladonna, Cuprum and Hyoscyamus, Bluestone will change the emotions on the face during seizures. On the other hand, for a patient, it is also possible to have a pale face, for example, when we use Cuprum and Veratrum album. In other cases, Belladonna, Cuprum, and Opium turns the face red.

Trauma can also be the source of epileptic involvement

Characteristically Kali bromatum presents a type of remedies, which will help after stating insomnia seizures. When seizures occur with girls or women before menstruation, we think of Causticum, Cuprum, Hyoscyamus and Kali bromatum. If seizures appear during menstruation period, we will use Nitricum Argentum, Belladonna, Cocculus, Cuprum, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Kali bromatum, Lachesis, Natrum muriaticum, Nux, Platina, Sulphur and Zinc.

Trauma can also be the source of epileptic involvement, so in that case, think of Hypericum, Natrium sulphuricum or Rhus-tox. However, if the trauma has been in the head we think of using Arnica Montana immediately, but also Cyclamen, Cuprum, Hypericum and Natrum sulph are available to use.

Epileptic manifestations may or may not be periodic, that is, occurring every seven days, ten days, fourteen days or twenty-one days. This feature is must take into account and will guide us towards some medical remedies to prevent it.

Detailed analysis of the drug and in-depth knowledge about its possibilities is necessary for proper treatment.

The solution provided with homeopathy

Homeopathy can cure the disease soft, fast, and even fight it forever. The welfare effects of homeopathy may be permanent if the person has a high individual energy level. This is because the vital force of the body and its functioning is critical to deal with epilepsy and not to let it develop again.

The solution provided with homeopathy

From the pharmacological point of view, epilepsy can be treated and controlled with different drugs, and every person can lead a normal life, driving, considering that the illness is controlled. However, drug treatment will be accompanied by unpleasant side effects and disadvantages and actual dependence on these drugs. The truth is that drugs do not produce real cures but an artificial approach to a particular state of feelings of some stability, with dependence on a specific treatment for many years.

Many drugs give a patient a false sensation that does not provide a real effect on satisfaction and quality of life so that the only homeopathy stipulates that individual well-being influence that can be called “health coming over time.” After this, you will not have to rely on any medication.

Both for adults and children, certainly, there are excellent prospects for complete recovery

In the treatment of epilepsy, homeopathy is understood as a condition that affects the person. Only in the case of permanent treatment, it is more efficient. The most important thing is that regarding many types of seizures, homeopathy has many successes total and permanent recovery from illness.

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Both for adults and children, certainly, there are excellent prospects for complete recovery. If a doctor finds a true definitive cure, the effect of the well-selected therapy will make the patient feel much better, and sometimes he or she will not need drugs and even homeopathy anymore.

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